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13 Adorable Cats With Disney Eyes That They Can Use To Hypnotize Anyone

Some cats have such beautiful eyes that they almost look unreal.

Hello pet lovers! The weekend is finally here and it’s time that we celebrate positive energy and positive vibes. It’s the time that we share photos of the cats with the most beautiful eyes. For your weekend treat, we have compiled 13 adorable photos of cats with Disney eyes. These cats have the most beautiful, big eyes that are enough to hypnotize anyone. Literally, their eyes are so perfect that they can steal anyone’s heart. So, are you ready to witness the perfect Disney eyes? We hope you are ready and excited. Scroll down and enjoy these photos!


1. When your cat is obsessed with boxes:

Via u/meluvcatz2412

“She loves when her box comes”

2. The cutest vampire you will ever meet:


Via u/Vrozim

3. The skinny Rags was rescued:


Via u/TrixieVanSickle

“I found this skinny, starving boy among the ferals I feed nightly. He’s literally skin and bones at 6lbs 7oz. I took him in and the rescue I volunteer with is going to find him a foster. He’s been fixed and vetted. We’re fattening him up. His name is Rags. (He has Churu on his nose.)”

4. Meet the adorable Mimi:


Via u/turtleshell107

She has big, round eyes.

5. Meet Misha.


Via u/hopalong998

6. A girl with Disney Eyes:


Via u/hopalong998

Have you ever seen purrfect Disney eyes in real life before? If no, then you need to look at all these photos once again and you will agree how beautiful the eyes of these cats are! Now we all know where Disney got the inspiration! These cattos are making all the Disney Princess jealous a little bit. It is just so beautiful to sit next to a furry feline that has magic in her eyes. That has the ability to hypnotize you. Who would not fall for those ocean blue eyes? We would be the first ones to fall for Disney-looking eyes. Scroll down to watch some of the beautiful cats with Disney eyes.

7. Little girl, big eyes:


Via u/yuzhouyuzhou7

8. “I think my baby belongs here”


Via u/Cesst

Your baby is so damn cute.

9. When you are stressed and a princess with perfect Disney eyes comes right in front of you:


Via u/gallimaufry_42

10. “Gaia’s (Guy-ya) got Puss n Boots vibes”


Via u/Golee

Anyone can stare into her golden eyes forever.

11. When your kitten is a good girl:

Via u/gooplom88

12. “Ivan, what do your cat eyes see?”


Via u/TheGlamazonian255

They see loads of love, snuggles and treats.

13. Meet Machi from Scotland:

Advertisement by UDM

Via u/StefanleeGoodwin

“One look and all is forgiven”

Who would not forget everything after looking into these Disney eyes? No matter how mad you are at your cat, once you see them in the eyes. You forget everything. All cats have beautiful eyes but there is something special about Disney eyes. Do you love your cat’s eyes? What is the color of your cat’s eyes? Share in the comment section down below!


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