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25 Giant “Lap” Dogs Who Still Keep The Puppy Soul

Letting go of your childhood can be a very tough thing to do.

Especially if you’re a dog, but in that case, you may choose to ACTUALLY never grow up! How clever is that? Dogs are one of the sweetest, funniest and silliest creatures to ever exist! They are so pure and precious that their playful nature can cheer anyone up within seconds! These super fun and smart four-legged furballs are loyal to their core and you’ll never have a dull day living with them – that’s guaranteed!


Here, we have compiled a list of some adorable furry giants that refuse to grow up and keep their puppy souls alive! If it weren’t for dogs, our lives would have been so boring! They’re the best at entertaining their humans in whichever way or form possible. This is why even after growing up, the puppy soul in them remains the same! You might be thinking “Hmm, that’s not true”. Well, we can prove it. We have gathered some images of doggos that absolutely refuse to grow up! These pictures below are super wholesome and will surely make your day.

So are you ready to bring that kind of awesomeness to your day? Scroll down and enjoy!

1. “From 4 months to 14 months”

What a transformation journey!

2. Same expressions, then and now!


And he would never leave his mama’s lap!

3. “13 weeks to 7 months! Mom can’t hold him like that anymore!”


After all, look at this big baby now! Pretty sure he doesn’t realize how big he really is.

4. The cute face remains the same!


We hope you’ve healed, cutie!

5. “1 week after I got him vs 1 year after I got him (11 weeks vs 14 months)”


What happened, mom? You said I’d always be your little baby!

6. I’m still a baby!


I like to choke my human like this, hehe.

7. “Calvin at 6 weeks old and then 1 year”


Calvin believes in ‘the bigger the better’

8. “From a 2-month-old bleep to 6 months old, then to a 1-year-old monster”



9. “Humphrey Bear grew into his name — 8 weeks to 1 year old.”


Who knew bears could be this cute? Wait, that’s not a bear?!

10. Those spots remain unchanged!


You have gotten weaker, hooman. The doggo is still smol.

11. “Heavier and older really means more to love and more time to have loved her.”

So wholesome!

12. “An 8-week-old puppy to a 9-month-old derp”


Love how these people pose with their furry friends!

We’re so intrigued by these awesome pictures that we haven’t realized that we are already halfway through! Yikes. We’re sure you feel the same. To be quite honest with you all, I can look at these images all day and never get bored! I would never want it to end and I’m sure you feel the same way. But don’t worry, we have more in the lot for you so keep scrolling!

13. “My boy Ares at 6 months and now at almost 2 years”

Advertisement by UDM

Time to buy him his own PlayStation, I guess?

14. “Ziggy got biggy.”


And Ziggy seems really happy about itty!

15. “From 10 weeks to 8 months, our boy Teemu is getting harder to hold.”

But he’s loved anyways!

16. “Knödels at 6 months and 3 years”


Looks like Knödels just found out his age and is in shock.

17. “3 years ago when we first got her vs now!”

Time flew by so quickly!

18. “12 weeks to 12 months”


Nonetheless, the dog’s expressions remain priceless. He doesn’t want to be picked up like that!

19. “My chocolate labrador Eddie, 1 month vs 1 year”

Once a cutie, always a cutie!

20. “3 months vs 1 year — the struggle to carry him is real!”


He legit looks like a stuffed toy! UNREAL!

21. “Our puppy Jojo from 10 weeks to 7 months. He’s officially too big now for my wife to comfortably carry him.”

Someone overgrew their human.

22. “3 months vs 6 months!”


However, leaning on the back of his ‘hooman’ remains constant! Yay to piggyback rides.

23. “Moose: 12 weeks to 14 weeks”

Isn’t Moose such a cute little dog?

24. “Zuko the German Shepard from 8 weeks to 1 year!”

Woah, hard to believe that Zuko used to be this little too.

25. “6 weeks vs 6 months”

Even the smiles got bigger – WHOLESOME!

Here we will end our article in hopes that these pictures made your day x100 times better! Moreover, this might be the best thing you see on the internet today! So don’t miss out on any of the cute pictures above! Other than that, don’t forget to tell us how these pictures made you feel in the comments section below! Ps.  you can also share with friends to brighten up their days too!


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