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27 Adorable Pics Of Irish Wolfhounds Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are

Tiny pups are not the only cute dogs. Taller doggos like Irish Wolfhounds can be equally majestical.

Dogs are a beautiful creation. And their beauty is not all that they’ve got. Their ability to play all day long, show love and care, protect you and so many other characteristics along the beauty factor is what makes that a very wholesome and perfect pet for anyone to adopt.


There are many different dog breeds. There are over 300 dog breeds worldwide. And every breed has its own unique characteristics to win you over. Everyone has a preference and we respect that. The majority like to go for teeny dogs based on their cuteness factor. Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, and many other dogs that grow that much are part of their preferences.

While others like to have tall and big doggos. Doggos that would make anyone change their route.

One of these big dog breeds is an Irish Wolfhound. As the name suggests, the origin of this breed is Irish. On average, an Irish Wolfhound has a lifespan between 6 to 10 years. But it’s their height and weight that are part of their main characteristics. A male Irish Wolfhound could weigh anywhere between 150 to 200 pounds while the female can weigh up to 140 pounds.

Regardless of the weight and size, which give away a scary signal for anyone who hasn’t seen an Irish Wolfhound in their lives, you’d be shocked to know that they are actually very patient, sweet-tempered, thoughtful, dignified, and very loyal. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these 27 pictures of wolfhounds that are very hilarious and not scary at all.

1. They happily volunteer to become a bed for everyone.

Via Nina Smyth

2. A doggo who loves to sit in everyone’s lap cannot be terrifying at all.


Via enzoandfischtv

3. Too exhausted to go to the bed.


Via Carrie Hodges

4. “If Lincoln can’t be a couch dog then she will be a floor person.” And looks like he has no problem with that.


5. Just 2 buddies enjoying the weather and the scenic beauty of the earth.


Via lincolnthewolfhound

6. Irish boys out for a walk.


Via austonley_irish_wolfhounds

7. Look at him smiling. Such a polite dog.


Via Eric Maximoff

8. That thing I said about sitting in laps? They take it very seriously.


9. I don’t think he can even feel if there’s anything on its back


Via Parnell Kelly

10. Such a lovely boy. He only wants to play and have lots of fun.


Via fashionabilityrose

11. Their daily requirement for licking your face and snuggles could sometimes get annoying.

Via Gisela Vicedo

12. The tiny one shows the beasty, terrifying factor of the hound. The big one represents the heart of the big beast.


Via iddieholt

13. For perspective.

Via HWolfhound

14. It’s very simple. If you are chill, they are chill.


Via DeutscherGinger

You know, I wouldn’t blame anyone for getting terrified of such dogs at first, without having any knowledge about them. I myself used to be very scared of dog breeds like Tibetan Mastiff or this Irish Wolfhound. I mean, I used to go ‘woah’ while viewing over the internet but never did a thought occur to me of adopting one because ultimately I was scared to be around one in real life.

But studying, researching, and digging, totally changes the opinion at times. Never knew this Irish Wolfhound could be this friendly. Love this dog.

Let’s take a look at some more hilarious pictures of this scary-looking cute hound.

15. Don’t call the doctor, they like being weird at times. All love and fun.

Via TJNel

16. If you don’t hug them, they will take all the responsibility upon themselves.


Via adeburgh

17. That person’s smile speaks a million words.

Via adeburgh

18. “My Irish Wolfhound, Sitting On Grandma’s Lap. He Has No Idea How Big He Is.”


Via sermeryntrantsuxdix

19. Such a wholesome moment. How could you not love them?

Via sullytheirishwolfhound

20. Chillin’ with the chill dad.


Via FrrriskyWhiskey

21. Just to have an idea about the size of these hounds, this is Murphy at 8 months. He is now 4 years old and 165 pounds.

Via Reg Ashby

22. A forehead kiss for good luck for the 5 feet tall Manager Amber. That’s so adorable!


Via thebarkshire

23. “I better watch my step, can’t even see these two from up here.”

Via satujeu

24. Old man in a muffler.

Via Bonnie Pinkerton

25. Matching PJs for Christmas!

Via dramtheiw



Via fortheloveofwolfhounds

27. A happy forever family of 3


Via Troy Kamiyama

We hope you guys had fun, and hopefully, more people would start going for big dogs given how adorable and loving they are, after viewing this post. I am in love with the Irish Wolfhound. I want one.

Feel free to share anything in the comments down below. It’s a free world in here.


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