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20 Photos Proving Pets Are More Fragile Than We Think

Undoubtedly, pets become a part of our families right from the start, as they live with us.

Life becomes complete when our pets are with us. Eventually, they also learn to understand us and our emotions over time. As they are with us all the time, they make sense of such things too. Moreover, as time passes, they become even more closer to us, and letting them go becomes harder each day. We might feel that we’re very sensitive but animals are far more fragile and understanding than humans at times. Katie Moore, who is the deputy vice president of Animal Rescue at International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) believes that “Animals have throughout history been bred for the sole purpose of coexisting and having relationships with humans over time. They, in turn, have essentially developed the capacity to bond with people.”


Here, we have some photos of pets shared by people that prove that these furry friends are a lot more fragile than we think they are. They play a very important role in our lives as they become our best friends – understanding us and making us feel at ease with their behaviors. These examples below also show how our pets instantly detect the change in our moods and get upset if things hurt them, and always want to be around us no matter what! These heartwarming instances below will definitely melt your heart and urge you to adopt a pet as well. I mean, who doesn’t love animals? They’re the family we make for ourselves and losing them can be as painful as losing a friend.

So, without any delay, scroll down and have a look at these intelligent animals and how they respond to their humans.

1.“When I say no:”

Look at this floofball being so angry!

2. They’re never gonna know.


3.“So I was about to put my luggage in the car to head to the airport and when I looked up… This is what I saw.”


He’s staring right into his soul! Take him with you!

4. “He gave me this look while waiting for the vet to come in. Took his shots like a champ!”


Such a brave doggo!

5. “Come on, just take me with you!”


See, I told you I can fit in this!

6. “I saw my favorite dog outside the grooming salon yesterday. She looked shocked that I don’t live in the salon 24/7.”


You’re not supposed to be here!

7, “Luna is not a fan of the new puppy.”


SEND IT BACK, HOOMAN. This place is too smol to have two doggos.

8. “I yelled at him and he’s been like this for 10 minutes already.”


Aww, this cutie though! Say you’re sorry and give this adorable little one some cuddles!

9. “I can’t say No”


Take the laptop. Take my house. Take my entire life. Take the world.

10. “Sorry, it’s raining again. I can’t do anything about it.”


Look at how sad he is!

11. “My dog gets visibly upset every time I put on socks because he knows I’m getting ready to leave for work and even though it’s sad, it makes me happy that he loves me so much.”

Who’s cutting onions?!

12. “Jack thinks I got another dog and is sad. All I did was sweep the floors for the first time in 3 days.”


That look on his face though, feeling betrayed…

13. “My pup used to ride like this in the car because he thought the car meant he was going to the vet.”

My little cutie! Someone make him unlearn this!

14. Me: “There are a lot of mosquitos, we’re going back home. And don’t look at me with your sad eyes!”


But… Let him play!

15. “Can I just have one piece?”

Please, hooman?!

16. “This is the face my kitten gives me when I walk too slow and he has to stop to wait for me.”


Hurry up hooman. I don’t got all day!

17. “Do not touch my fur ever!”

18. When you open your lunchbox in class…

19. Hey, hooman. I’M HERE!

So, we’re finally at the end of our article and hope that these stories brightened up your day a little. These cute reactions of pets surely prove how sensitive they can be when it comes to their humans. They bond with us so deeply over time that even the slightest change in our behaviors can affect them deeply. Hence, it is very important to treat them right and give them all the love and support that they deserve! Do share your thoughts on this in the comments section below and tell us if you agree or not?


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