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15 Times Adorable Kittens Turned Into Majestic Cats

They grow up so fast.

Time always flies by way too quickly. I am sure there have been moments where you have looked behind and realized how much time has gone by. Now I am not here to make you feel old but I know that I feel like it has been months since an instance happened when in reality, it has been years. However, one of the biggest advantages of time passing is that you get to see your floor grow up beside you.

We all know that it has been proven that people who grow up with cats are likely to live longer and are less at risk for heart disease. Not only that but having a cat beside you reduces anxiety and lifts your general mood. So there are a lot of benefits other than getting to squeeze those floofy cheeks. However, they do grow up pretty fast. Your kitten may be a big floofy cat one day and you won’t even realize it.

That is the sort of transformation we are going to focus on today. So just scroll below to take a look at these kittens turning into majestic floofs.

Source: Reddit

#1 From angry kitten to absolutely majestic.

This kitty knows she is gorgeous and that is apparent.

#2 Where did all that brown mane come from?


#3 She looked so scared in the cage but now she owns the house.


#4 We have a chubby cat here and I might just get diabetes from this much sweetness.


#5 I see that some things never change.


#6 That curious look on her face is always present.


The adorable ears are what is doing it for me.

#7 Even if the kitty can’t fit in the sink, she will try her hardest.


#8 Atleast, she tried. But she failed miserably.


#9 From cuteness to even more cuteness.


Now, there is just more to love.

#10 From sad to as happy as this particular breed can look.


It only seems like yesterday since I got my cat but it has already been over a year. Now I am absolutely in love with him even though the first few days were quite hard especially since he was so anxious and was not eating anything at all. But a lot of sleepless nights later, he is all well and I couldn’t be happier. So if you are thinking of getting a cat, then I absolutely recommend it. They are great!

#11 Where did the huge collar go?

#12 Can she even get up now or is it impossible?


#13 It looks like she was caught doing something that she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

#14 The frowny whiskers are what makes him so adorable, in my opinion.


#15 That floofy tail is something else!

Do you have a cat? Or are they still at the kitten phase? Do you think they will grow up to be this floofy or are they hairless? let us know in the comments below as we always love to hear from our readers. Also, don’t forget to share these transformation images with your friends so they can enjoy them as well.


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