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20 People Who Got A Pedigree Cat And Clicked Best Pictures Of Them

What’s a household without a cat, right? We’d say; pretty uneventful.


Looking around, you’ll see a whole bunch of pedigree cats exhibiting the characteristics they’ve been bred for. But cat behavior can be certainly very non-predictive, they sure are extremely adorable though! If you’re thinking of getting a pedigree cat, the web would flood you out with the long list of weirdly named cats with a whole profile of traits and qualities. These names are more often than not, very hard to pronounce. I mean, why couldn’t we have named them cat 1, cat 2, and call it a day? But even so, those who want to keep a pedigree cat will definitely spend a moment to learn their names as well.

British shorthair blue, Norwegian Forest cat, Maine coons, Siamese, and the list goes on. These are some of the most adored pedigree cats around the globe, their soft furred body would make a pur-fect cuddling cushion for your couch. Oriental cats and Sphynxes are other freakishly smart and charming cats that people love to add to their meow families.

Here are some of the delightful moments people didn’t forget to capture with some of the most charming pedigree cats they could come across. If all these kitties get to see the public endorsement they’ve been receiving they’ll probably think we are obsessed with them! And to be fair, we are and we’re not sorry about it! Scroll down and check them out.

1. “The walls in our bedroom looked pretty sad before. We bought her the cheapest scratching mat, so now our beauty sleeps on it, ignoring her house and our bed.”

via © librat / Pikabu

The actual function of any object is defined by the cat. Whatever the humans made it for was irrelevant.

2. Cat with hat

via © pinkybluesequin55 / Reddit

“My cat, Kaylee, wearing a ’cat hat’ I made from yarn I spun with her fur”

3. I won’t let go. GIVE ME ALL THE CUDDLES.

via © KuzmaStepanych / Pikabu

“Our caring Sphynx, Lala, and a new street cat that we adopted”

4. The fly-catcher

via © sergbspb / Pikabu

5. The Paw-fect duo!

via © Elka2255 / Pikabu

“Our Main coon is 2.5 years old and weighs 21 pounds. Our she-cat is 1.5 years old and weighs 6 pounds. They eat the same food (in case you say that I don’t feed her).”

6. Not a ‘big’ cat

via © Evgeek / Pikabu

When you challenge a Maine coon cat to fit somewhere, it’s going to make sure it does.

7. That ain’t Siamese, these are the Oriental cats

via © comando345 / Reddit

We love how they are just cuddling with one another. Cat goals!

8. What a Furball, Persian sherry

via © Karina.St / Pikabu

“It’s time to show off my princess of unbelievable fluffiness. Please meet our Persian Sherry of 10 years.”

9. The cuddly cuddle-er

via © ***tx / Reddit

“My cat is a Burmese pedigree, and she’s the cuddliest cat I’ve ever met.”

All these cats might have a lot in common but they sure are different in some ways. These variations in traits and behaviors make the cat people adopt these different pedigree cats, they surely have a lot to ‘awww’ on as well. Oriental cats, for instance, might appear to be very charming and gentle but you need to see them playing fetch with a fuzzy paper ball and you’ll see how adoringly goofy they can be.

Maine coons are one of the fluffiest cats you’ll find but they can be very moody at times, even at the times when you’re craving to cuddle with them. Sphynx looks like a secretive cat but they always want a lot of attention as well as affection! However, a cat owner will always have a reason for getting that specific pedigree cat and here we’ve piled those up.

10. Canadian sphynx

via  © MaxMyT31 / Pikabu

Those dilated pupils are to melt for! And look at that BLEP!!!

11. Floofy British short-hair cat

via © kulayeb / Reddit

“I was told that British shorthair cats aren’t lap cats. I guess mine is defective.”

12. Is it a tiger? Is it a cat? it’s a Bengal Tiger cat!

via © Nakosiachil / Pikabu

“My Bengal cat, Banana, as a kitten and now”

13. When an Alien adopts a cat

via © Galenok / Pikabu

This is my alien cat!

14. I am up! I am up!

via © theherbal_alchemist / Reddit

Just give me 5 more minutes, please! I swear I’ll get up in a few. No my eyes aren’t closed.

15. The great Oriental cat

via © Ekaterina2702 / Pikabu 

“Initially, my husband was against a cat with ’a condescending face.’ But I’m allergic to cat fur. Oriental cats’ fur is very short, and they don’t have undercoats.”

16. Meet the actual snow-white

via © seabisquet / Reddit

“My beautiful Turkish Angora cat, Marylin”

17. Another of the Bengal tigers

via © Onegreenwar / Pikabu

Vampire Cat? We wouldn’t even mind getting bit by this little one.

18. This is something I’ve never ever seen before!

via © pronta / Pikabu

“Have you ever seen a tanned Sphynx? This one was brought to the vet clinic for an examination.”

19. Here is Simba, lost in a trance.

via © catieedenise / Reddit

“Meet our Scottish fold, Simba. He has insane eyes and sits really weird.”

20. After all, it’s an oriental but a ‘cat’

via © enotique.Mo / Pikabu

“Even a pedigree cat has a soft spot for empty boxes.”

Pedigree cats might present you with a boosted dose of playfulness hereby they are going to gel in as well as prove to be the best playmate your little ones can have. Pedigree cats have also been found to get along well with dog members of the household, which is another plus point. Some of them are extremely talkative which won’t let you feel alone, others are gentle in their meows.

There would be at least one thing you must be admiring about each of these pedigrees or if you have one of your own, do let us know about something special about them. We wouldn’t want to miss out on documenting cherishable cat moments either. Let us know in the comments section below! Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones especially those who love pedigree cats!


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