25 Animal Transformations All Thanks To Human Love

No matter how deep the cut, love can heal everything.

Animals are as emotional as humans. In fact, I am a very strong believer in the fact that at times they are even more emotional than humans. And why shouldn’t be, they are living beings who have all the right to feel feelings but it is unfortunate that bad emotions and bad feelings exist and animals are often faced with circumstances that make them feel all the bad feelings. Yes, I am talking about the harsh and unfair circumstances in which they get abandoned for no reason. No one counts “I lost the love for it” as a reason for abandoning the animal. Some disappointing animal owners just kick their pets out and leave them to stray, on their own trying to survive on the streets. Some of these chain their pets outside the house or shove them in cages indoors and they just sit there, helpless, failing to enjoy life. This is not fair to them, they never asked for such a life. They deserve the absolute best and I am happy that there are some human beings who have the heart to provide these animals the life they deserve.

Some kind-hearted people who find stray animals looking very beat up, pick those animals up and either deliver them to the closest local shelter or become absolute superheroes and adopt those animals. See, human love works very quickly for animals. As I said, they can feel all sorts of emotions so where pain shatters their trust in humans forever and breaks their hearts, love allows them to build that trust all over again and give life a second chance. And we all know, that when an animal becomes positive, it transforms into something completely different.

Get ready ladies and gentlemen as we are about to look at some wholesome pictures of animals before and after they came in contact with human love. Trust me, they look totally unrecognizable in those after pictures because that is what love does to you.

Scroll down below for some heartwarming comparisons.

1. He patiently waited for 2 long years at a shelter and at last, love came to him in the shape of a human and they have been living happily ever after.

Via Kodama24 / reddit

2. Yes, this is the same dog. The picture on the left is of him when he was brought into a shelter by animal control and was extremely aggressive. And in the picture on the right, he can be seen happily living with his owner and looks like he has no idea about what aggression is.


Via cmac2238 / reddit

3. It did take some time to earn his trust after all the hardships he had been through but his owner’s patience worked out and they won him forever.


Via safeburrito / reddit

4. He was born with an upper respiratory disease but love cured him beyond everyone’s belief.


Via mkoso65 / reddit

5. These pictures of Ruby are 8.5 years apart.


Via pcooks / reddit

6. Look what 2 weeks of human love did to this doggo.


Via ashmichi / reddit

7. These superheroes found this 2-year-old dog as a stray in a rural area way past midnight, and couldn’t hold back so they took him in. 1 year later, they credit it as their best decision ever.


Via vodkaynala / reddit

8. Love turned Hilda into a floof.


Via reiflame / reddit

9. Xena was terribly scared of people when her owner first saw her. They adopted her and gave her enough love that she turned into a confident, spoiled dog.


Via AprilisC / reddit

10. Found in a very bad condition, this cutie never let go of hope, and with human love, those hopes expanded, and look at him now.


Via Made_lion / reddit

11. From being extremely stressed at the RSPC in 2018 to being the queen of her owner’s house in 2020, this cat has seen a lot.

Via sweartoad / reddit

12. “Happy Gotcha Day to this ’Lil guy. This is Ollie on the day we adopted him vs today, 2 months later, small with a huge heart.”


Via gorogogo / reddit

13. “From a scrawny 10-pound girl to a 45-pound goofy snuggle bug. We love her!”

Via chloemarissaj / reddit

This just warms my heart to see all these comparison pictures. It does break your heart to see those before pictures because we can all see it in their eyes that they never deserved to be there and are probably questioning why they trusted the very humans who broke them. But at the same time, the after pictures give us so much hope that they are happy, and exactly where they were supposed to be. A happy life they always deserved with their favorite humans.

Oh, and yes, they really are hard to recognize after being fed with all that love.

Let’s look at some more heartwarming transformations to make the day even better.

14. “I found her crying outside a pizza shop in the street. Look at her now: fat, happy, and proud, 3 months later.”


Via Disgruntled_Viking / reddit

15. “8 years later…from fight ring to couch potato!”

Via underwater2708 / reddit

16. “She was a frightened stray cat full of lung parasites. But she has a loving family and home now! Her eyes say it all.”


Via airesiss / reddit

17. “She was a pregnant, starved stray with untreated allergies when I found her. She’s now a healthy loaf of a cat.”

Via natldisaster / reddit

18. “Left side was the day of the adoption and she was afraid of everything. The right side is her 6 years later, in charge of the world.”


Via NYgirlinOK / reddit

19. “My Romanian rescue, Lucy, one year apart. On the left at the shelter and on the right, pre-fishy treat.”

Via thecraftycraig / reddit

20. “He had 7 different parasites, crystals, and was close to death when we found him. He grew into a strong boy.”


Via unironic-scream / reddit

21. “From scared and alone to surrounded by toys and love!”

Via Expendabelle / reddit

22. “My mom found Tom hiding in a waste container behind a restaurant. That’s Tom a month later, happy and energetic.”


Via ancientslumber / reddit

23. “3 weeks since rescued! Her name is Celery and she is the best girl.”

Via igaden13 / reddit

24. This golden feared every human who came closer. But one human stuck by and didn’t move until she fell in love with him and it really did change her forever and for the good


Via ohnoitsroro / reddit

25. “When I adopted him 2 months ago, he still had mites. He is officially a healthy 3-month-old goofball!”

Via whimsicalangie / reddit

I am sure you won’t be getting this much wholesomeness anytime soon after this one.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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