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16 Perfectly Wholesome Pictures Of Dogs That Will Heal Your Soul

Living among endless complexities our anxiety needles often pinch us pretty hard. The monotonous burdening routine spikes the stress levels above the red line. Medical science through rigorous research has proved that stress and anxiety are the major contributing factors to rising rates of hypertension as well as heart problems. However, we’re lucky to be blessed with adorable doggos that are bound to lower the rising stress levels through their cuteness.

These canine floofs soothe down the tensed nerves through their goofiness and empathy, you might also be guilty of watching cute dog photos just to relax. To freshen you up, we’ve compiled some of the most wholesome dog photos that’ll melt your heart and make you smile. Make sure to keep your awws loud enough so that more stressed souls join in to ease themselves. Do scroll till the end because we know you can never have enough of the doggy charm!

1. Brothers in woofs

via knight_thepit

2. Can we watch my favorite show now, pleaseeeee

via ifounduraccountkyle

3. Cloudy with the chance of doggy snowflakes

via fluffycodybear

My snowflake right here chilling with me

4. When you still have the last batch of the laundry to wash but everyone else are going back home

via macrisanto

5. Is that my puppy?

via peaches_u._chanel

Something’s definitely off about this Dalmatian pupper

6. Mom this jacket almost fits, right?

via somandme

7. The cuddle to fix in is real


This heterochromatic cuddle puddle is too cute to handle

8. I can’t seem to choose which one is the cutest. Can you?

via huskysquad

These dogs exactly know how to lift your spirits when you’re feeling low. Dogs are truly empathetic animals who pick up emotions pretty well, they’ll know when you require emotional support. They are born with this quality!

If they see their owners in distress, they’ll make sure to comfort them in one way or another. This shows how dogs pay close attention to human emotions. Moreover, if your dog knows there’s something that makes you happy it’ll continue to repeat that action, again and again, to cheer you up. Dogs are just too precious for this world.

Want to see some more of the doggy wholesomeness? Keep scrolling you’ve some more coming your way!

9. Doggo enjoying grocery shopping in its personalized cart

via MerleChi

The aroma from the meat section is clearly having this dog drooling

10. Hey, you up?

via somecutething

11. Doggo giving us some major posing lessons!

via somecutething

Say cheese, let those canine teeth show

12. Well looks like dogs don’t only have big hearts, some of them also have big ears

via memphisthebasset

13. You don’t have to be a human to love pizza

via thatgoldendog

14. “This is an awoo-trage!”

via RatsOfThePlague

15. My Howl-o-ween look, for the love of Indiana jones

via Bruticus2806

“Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom”

16. Those dreamy eyes!

via nessathecavalier

A dog not only expresses its happiness through joyful barks, but the whole body language of the dog also exhibits emotion. It’s pretty obvious if we didn’t have these dogs around us, the world would have been a dull place to live in. There are so many reasons to adore these woofing pets and even more reasons to keep them close to us.

Do you own a dog? If yes, do share its wholesome photos in the comments below, there might be someone who would still be craving for more doggy goodness so let this be continued in the comment section!


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