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20 Quirky Pets Who Proved Clumsiness Is the Code of Cuteness

Our pets are usually our source of comfort and happiness in our daily hectic and stressful lives. They bring us warmth and joy by their loving nature. But what truly is their most admirable characteristic is how they manage to bring a smile to our faces with their chaotic behavior and clumsy accidents.

Whether it hissing at the phone every time it vibrates with a notification, jumping 3 feet into the air when the sound of the bell startles them, or even simply when they get stuck in places so random that it makes you wonder, “What on earth could’ve made them think of doing that?”. These little creatures bring us loads of laughs and fond memories with their clumsy little actions and oftentimes they save us from drowning under the weight of our stressful lives. They bring us a kind of joy unrivaled in its purity and simplicity. Our pets aren’t much different from little babies that require loads of attention and love to exist happily and remain fulfilled.

Scroll down and check out these bootyful creatures who couldn’t help but be clumsy AF.

1. Food is never optional, not even when you’re too tired to even stand.

Via Stock_Bite / reddit

“This is how she eats sometimes.”

2. She tried eating directly from a dish for the first time, but things got a little messy along the way.

Via orodruinx / reddit

“Her first attempt at eating from a dish got a little messy.”

3. Some sleeping positions are just superior, and this dog has them all figured out.

Via Ostrantula / reddit

“Not the first time I’ve seen him sleep like this.”

4. This is Derp and this baby can’t wait for the humans to finally be done with preparing the food.

Via PinkneysAWet*** / reddit

“Derp, watching us prepare her food”

5. The face your dog makes after you confront them for doing exactly what you told them not to do.

Via DecentestMama / reddit

 “I told him not to get dirty while outside to potty. This is his ’Sorry mom, it was an accident’ face.”

6. This cat is in full Zen mode, nothing can disturb her state of tranquility.

Via teR**leier / reddit

7. It can be so difficult to take a serious selfie with her, she loves to make weird faces at the camera.

Via Louis83 / reddit

“There’s no way to take a serious selfie with him.”

8. No amount of beds that you buy for your pets can ever make them stop taking naps in random unpredictable places.

Via CYBERSson / reddit

“I found a nice little snug.”

9. No idea what this cat was trying to achieve here, but it’s so funny to look at.

Via  JynxedDraca / reddit

“I have no idea what my cat was doing, but it was funny.”

10. This cat went through four stages of bliss with her first experience of trying catnip.

Via turtlesallteway / reddit

“The 4 stages of my cat’s first catnip experience”

We can’t stop loving these tiny creatures. They can fall down from a little set of steps, get tangled in a slipper, or fall into the pool – these incidents make our four-legged babies look even more lovely. They’re like young kids that need some help and a small hug after a day of exploring and sometimes after creating a mess.

11. His owner thought he was stuck but apparently, he wasn’t and was instead having fun doing it.

Via Jamoa / reddit

“I thought he was stuck but no, he wanted to do this.”

12. Cats can be so dramatic. This is the picture of one devastated and a grief-stricken cat that got denied snacks by her owner.

Via  Havens-Fluff-1025 / reddit

“This is what my cat does whenever I don’t share my snack with her.”

13. No idea why but this pup fell asleep holding a dirty sock in the mouth.

Via xPawreen / reddit

“She fell asleep holding a dirty sock in her mouth.”

14. This clumsy little chick fell over while walking and decided to continue laying down on the soft comfortable grass in that position.

Via KKPLN / reddit

“My clumsy chicken”

15. Dogs can be kind of weird sometimes. Weird but still adorable somehow.

Via  Philamilapeed / reddit

“Dogs are weird. Mine especially.”

16. Maybe this cat didn’t read instructions very well.

Via dbiryukovich / reddit

“Something went wrong with this toy.”

17. A picture of a dog before and after the wind on the freeway decided to check his teeth for a cavity.

Via thatgirlnicola / reddit

“My dog, before and after catching serious air on the freeway”

18. All four of these pictures showcase a different stage of the immeasurable amount of regret felt by this poor dog.

Via  empcc / reddit

“I regret everything.”

19.Some dogs happen to really like ice cream and by that we mean, they REALLY like it.

Via Stencil_Horse / reddit

“My friend’s dog really likes ice cream.”

20. Curiosity happened to get this adorable cat stuck in the sleeve of an orange coat instead.

Via  mars-OG / reddit

“Curiosity got Murphy the cat stuck in a coat sleeve.”

Are there any weird and clumsy things your pet likes to do as well? Share with us your cute and unusual pet stories in the comments down below, we would love to hear about them!


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