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30 Times Animals Got Stuck In Hilarious Situations And Were In Dire Need Of Human Help

Animals too have their days.

Have you guys ever been through a day when nothing worked out for you? No matter how hard you try to repair your mess or even go anything in general, everything would bite you back and would get you in some deep trouble, trouble that you did not want on your conscience. Not on that day at least. Think about it this way, you are going for a job interview, and on that very day, you drop your breakfast on your new suit. It was going to be an amazing day which now but now you are in a massive panic and in dire need of help. We often have rescuers around who save us from the situation, like a really dear sister who could quickly iron you a new shirt. But when that is not the case, you are done for and become a laughing stock. That was a situation about humans. Guess who else faces the same circumstances at times in life? Animals.


Animals are pretty much the same as humans when it comes to getting in trouble. The only difference here is that animals do not calculate any of their moves before executing them. As we say in our modern island, you only live once so you might as well wing it. But this whole “winging it” strategy often makes you pay beyond thoughts. See animals have a really big ego and when they get stuck in situations you wouldn’t normally assume them to get stuck in, they have to go through a tough process of killing that ego and asking their owners for help. And that is when the owners get to have the last laugh which the poor cuties, all stuck up, can do nothing but feel guilty and dumb.

Let’s enjoy some of these hilarious moments where animals got stuck and needed help of their owners to be rescued out of their self-generated problem.

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1. He just wanted to approach that towel and play with it, ended up in what seems like a booby trap not made for the cat.

Via Notfordinner

2. This is Maddie. She got herself stuck in the house basement and chose not to tell her parents so this is how they found her trying to escape.


Via ermarie73

3. This cutie got her head stuck in a wase in an attempt to play with it, broke it in pure panic mode, and got left with what seems like a fancy necklace around her neck.


Via Hardin314

4. She got a little too excited as the family installed the Christmas Tree for the festive season.


Via killerbunnyfamily

5. He probably watched Planet of the Apes last night a tried to do a monkey maneuver and it seems like that was a total failure.


6. He has a crazy addiction for digging and one day his excited ass got stuck under the shed as he dug too deep.


Via justintylrallen

7. This woman heard some crashing sounds coming from her kitchen followed by some high-pitched screams, upon investigating she found a random got stuck in a trashcan, God knows how.


Via spreiss

8. Our bandit thought it would look really cool to go down the stairs this way, only to realize mid way that his ass is now on fire and he cannot get off either.


Via soupoder

9. This frog somehow got stuck in a terrarium and has now totally flattened. I hope he is okay.


Via integralsrulz2

10. He saw a vending machine and wanted to steal some snacks out of it, he ended up being the snack and a laughing stalk for everyone walking by. Clasic.


Via VolusiaSheriff

11. The cat is probably in shock over how perfectly she fits in the toilet bowl and is probably considering it to be her next bedroom.

Via RockGamingReal

12. She was allowed to play outside after a very long time. This is the result of an adrenaline-pumped play session in the garden.


Via Nolanus

13. This cutie was chilling on the edge and suddenly fell in and got stuck, but looks very cool about it. This is the attitude I need to develop towards facing problems.

Via SeekerQuest98

14. Their BBQ brush had gone missing so their dog decided to find it for them, by getting it stuck in his ass.


Via ten_shunts

15. I have no idea how he got himself stuck in this but funnily, when he got rescued he threw tantrums at the owner and walked right off.

Via sirtwixalert

Awe, I don’t want to laugh at their misery but the way they are all so helplessly stuck is very hilarious. But you have got to say it, there is an element of wholesomeness associated to it. Animals have done it again for us. Even by looking dumb, they win our hearts.

Scroll down below to enjoy some more animals stuck in funny situations.

16. I know I am stuck Dad and I need you to get me out of this, but you won’t find a better Hawaiian sweet roll than this one.


Via boiledanda

17. When you think you can handle multitasking and suddenly malfunction 2 minutes into the process.

Via aktfps

18. It was at this moment, he knew, he messed up.


Via jesst

19. He had a strong urge to become a seal. His father told him it was impossible so he decided to take the matters into his own hands.

Via fingercup

20. I was just trying to grab the remote, can you please give me a hand and then the remote?


Via ItHirtsWhenIP

21. Stop it guys, this is not funny. Put those cameras down and get me out of here.

Via Actually_an_otter

22. The new pieces often malfunction due to a manufacturing issue, just press the toe beans to reset it.


Via tumb1r

23. He got himself stuck in that bin so bad, the owner had to call official rescuers to get him out of there.

Trash cans, he is never going near them.

Via mysweetriot

24. I don’t see a single sign of regret of guilt on those dogs’ faces for being stuck in the drain. They seem to be having a really good time, instead.

Via mag0802

25. This one was no where to be found and just when the owners thought their dog had ran away, they spotted her stuck in a hole that she dug under her playhouse.

Via rainbowtwist

26. You know how fetch is life for dogs but it looks like this one took it beyond seriously. Come on, you can do it.


Via SaintFrost

27. Poor possum actually ended up at the vet’s for getting stuck in a very bad situation. We hope it is okay.


Via MaxMMarin

28. That face you make when you know you have made a very dumb error and now have no option but to wait for help and watch everyone laugh at you.

Via tequila_mockingbirds

29. No, he is not posing for a really cute photograph, he is stuck in those bushes trying to peep out.


Via yamamochi223

30. Is that a new protest of some sort that we are not yet aware of? I think so.

Via wideawaketheysleep

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.



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