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This Giant Sea Lion Waddled Into The Fish Market And Nicely Asked Everyone To Give Him Snacks

Sea lions are now my favorite animal.

We all are aware of the fact that when you want to achieve your goals you have to work hard for them, you have to put your heart and all of your energy into them. Only very few and clever people know the trick that working smart is always easier, better and more successful than working hard. When you come up with strategies and tactics to achieve your goals and if you are always a step or two ahead of everyone, there is no way you can lose or be unsuccessful. One should also always keep finding new ways to reach their goals and keep trying until one succeeds. But most importantly, you should always keep one thing in your mind that your ways should not break any social rules, they should not hurt anyone and you should never be unfair, it is highly recommended to always be on the right path no matter what


Similarly, this is how this giant sea lion manages to fulfill his wants. He prefers working smarter than working hard. Instead of doing his job which is as simple as catching fish on his own, Mr. Sea lion, the mischievous and clever creature, waddles around in the fish market. Goes up to every other person and sweetly asks to be fed fish as snacks. The important point that should be noted is that he is always on his good behavior. A giant, heavy animal like a sea lion can easily crush anyone under his weight and can be dangerous sometimes. Despite all of this, he is well mannered and he always seems careful not to disturb anyone working at the market with his presence. Keep on scrolling down to see that cute creature…

1. Aww! Just look at that giant baby. So cute.

Image Credit: Nature Heaven

2. Do not mind me, I am just going to stand here until I become irresistibly cute for you to give me snacks.

Oh, my heart! This sea lion is such a cutie. A complete sweetheart, that one is. As surprising as it sounds, it is true that huge animals can be well-mannered and friendly, too. I mean you just saw that sea lion yourself, right? You saw how polite, cute and patient he is. He is the perfect example that giants can be nice too, he is representing his community so well. It is obvious that the giant sea lion was not able to hide his excitement when he saw all that fish in front of him in the market but the odd visitor of the market kept his cool and patiently waited for his turn. He did not give up on his hope that one of the working men might give him some fish. Lucky for him, he did get a big treat. The giant sea lion kept wandering around in the fish market to seek fish from every worker. Those people were too kind to say no to such an extremely adorable and obedient animal. These adorable moments were recorded by someone and they shared them on the Internet. It has gotten millions of views and shares, people all around the world could not get enough of that cute beast. We found out that this huge good boy used to catch his prey like every other sea lion, however, he had a change of plans once he saw men working in the fish market. One day, he decided to pay a little visit to the fish market to get snacks and then, he never stopped. Keep on scrolling down to see more pictures of that cute giant…

3. Okay, I will just go to someone else…


4. Oh, never mind. They gave me snacks. I love humans!


Oh, God. This sea lion is the cutest one I have ever seen. I had no idea they could be so adorable and that they had such sweet personalities, too. Here is the link to the full video: Have you ever seen a sea lion in real life? Do you think they are of dangerous or friendly nature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below…


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