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50 Times Animals Hilariously Proved ‘If I Fits, I Sits’

Animals can turn into a liquid state anytime.

Animals are unpredictable; you can tell if they are solid or liquid. They have this magical power of turning into liquid whenever they want. They would see a container, a planter or a box and would turn into its shape. They cannot resist turning into liquid whenever they see an object. These furry animals would squeeze their bodies and fit their bodies into the weirdest things. They would turn into a circle, square, rectangle and almost all shapes. Today, we have compiled 50 hilarious photos of animals proving the famous phrase “if I fits, I sits”. Scroll down, we are sure you will be entertained by these hilarious and adorable animals.

1. When your cat can fit in the bottle compartment in your seat:

Via: downriverrowing

2. Not sure if the owl is sitting in the hole or the owl is carved in the tree:


Via: thecrooningflorist

3. No matter how big he gets, he would always fit:


Via: sasa13m

4. He found the warmest place in the house:


5. Who knew there would be a real one in the pot?


Via: shellieswildlife

6. “Lost kitten need forever home!”


Via: mayong13

7. When you spend 5 hours making the puzzle and take a bathroom break for a minute, come back and see your cat resting in your puzzle:


Via: ryuubaby

8. “Circle of meow”


Via: usama43

9. Ahh, he looks so happy after fitting in the tub:


Via: Sherry Brown

10. When you want to measure your kitty in liters:


Via: cakes1todough1

11. I guess I’m not forgetting anything now.

Via: ethrael237

12. When your cat is obsessed with planters:


Via: urbinsanity

13. “Banana. Bunny in a cup for scale. That is all.”

Via: The_Yarl

14. “do not disturb Jabba”


Via: Bmchris44

15. No matter how big you are. If you fit, you sit:

Via: Kitnado

16. “My mother was wondering why flowers were growing only in half the pot.”


Via: Steuv1871

Mommy, here is the only reason why flowers were growing only in half the pot.

17. “Fox taking a nap in a flowerpot “

Via: WishOnSpaceHardware

18. I got a surprise for you:



19. We all know who is incharge of the house:

Via: potstickers47

20. One minute into the animal hospital and a pocket kitty found his place:


Via: animalland7

21. “So, Cassidy (my daughter) was snuggling Elsa (our rescue pup) under her hoodie. I walked into the room and asked “Where’s Elsa?” Well, Elsa tried to get to me…..guess which hole of the hoodie she tried to use??”

Via: Paramedic351468

22. The package has just arrived:


Via: xsited1

23. “Dad started putting in new toilet. Walked away for a few minutes and came back to this.”

Via: TheGinger_ThatCould

24. Freshly baked chicken bread:


Via: robcoers

25. “Got him a new water bowl. I think he misunderstood what it is. And yes he sits in the water…”

Via: AWU_Hades

Animals are so cute, look at this cutie who misunderstood his water bowl and decided to sit in it. Little buddy it is not for sitting. Well, what an adorable moment when we see our animals fitting into pots, planters, mailboxes, pockets, toilets, trees, shoes and even in hoodies. Scroll down for more!

26. “I came in my kitchen to find a lizard using a sponge as a raft in the sink. (I live in New Mexico)”


Via: bassmansrc

27. “Dedicated spot when going for a car ride!”

Via: Trancendency

28. “Perfect Fit”

Via: FlaminKeane

29. “There are two types of people…”


Via: mdanger88

30. We present to you a squared cat:

Via: jdk

31. “She fell asleep like this. My heart is melting.”

Via: GamerScholar

32. “Winston chillin’ on the front porch”


Via: Havocfyw

33. He distributed his body really well into both the pots:

Via: davesidious

34. “Bertus the Magnificent, first formerly feral of his name, sleeping where he fits”

Via: Psyche-Mary-Wait

35. These pawdorable puppies fit purrfectly in the cup holders:


Via: Bjcistok

36. When they ask how smol is your cat?


37. “hope you guys will accept a bunny here”

Via: nikkioliver

38. “Last year, I built a sound-proofed, built-in doghouse under my stairs, so Bucky would have a safe place to hide when he got scared. On the 4th of July, he let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I had wasted my time.”


Via: MrBragg

39. “Found my cat laying in my cat shape light that fell”

Via: ResponseRegular2428

40. “There’s a goat in my coat!”

Via: Dirigo Farms

41. “I Rat therefore I Sat”


Via: nvaier

42. “If I fits, I sits.”

Via: Noctulus

43. Hot day, cool dog:

Via: MellKN

44. “Even if I don’t fits, I sits!”


Via: Ksilverstar25

45. Who wants coffee?

Via: bombori777,bombori777

46. Oh my God, he looks so adorable!

Via: ecology_holly

47. Surprise:


Via: Coherent_Entry_

The snake does not look happy with it.

48. “Hello friend, quack!”

Via: fyflate89

49. “Very tight Folder pus*y”

Via: Purple_Advice_6190

50. “Derpy cat on a pan”


Which of these photos did you like the most? Upvote for your favorite ones. Share your pet’s photos proving “if I fits, I sits” in the comment section down below!


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