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7 Different Animals Who Were Rescued By A Couple, Are Now One Adorable Family

Meet the happy family of 4 dogs, 2 ducklings, and a cat.

Bonds are very beautiful. Between humans, animals, things. If they are strong enough, it’s really hard to break them. And in the case of animals and humans, that strength comes from connection, affection, love, and trust.


You must have been families of humans, all animals like dogs, cats, elephants, birds, etc. But nowhere are families defined as living creatures of the same species. Families can be unusual at times, but that unusual factor makes them really cute and acceptable.

A lonely person who only had a dog as his companion all his life will consider the dog his family. There can be families among different breeds of the same animal or different animals altogether as well.

You see, when it comes to animals there are no criteria of looks or special characteristics. It is all about connecting through affection and patience.

Let us introduce you to an unusual family of humans and different animals. Kasey Boggs, who had been rescuing animals for the past 10 years with her husband, rescued 7 different animals and decided to adopt them all.

And they became a happy, loving family of 9. Let’s meet Mia, Roxy, Edith, Jake Rose, Gertrude, and Donald.

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1. Their bond is inseparable

2. They’re not just any family, they’re a fancy family.


3. They love family trips.


4. We love how the kitty sits more with the dogs than the duckling. Such an unusual pair-up.


5. But when the doggos are busy playing among themselves, the ducklings like to welcome their mate every time.


6. Best Buddies Ever


7. “Choo! Choo!” All aboard the doggo + teeny cat train.


It makes my heart warm and sad at the same time to see how at times different animals can bond so easily but different humans can never. I am pretty sure these animals must have their own preferences, opinions, grudges, but at times you just have to put them aside and make a nice long choo choo train to stay bonded together.

A rough patch never means the end of things. The pitbull must’ve had a one-off with the duckling at some point in time, but that does not define their relationship. Families are meant to remain forever, and these cute animals are the perfect example of it

We are in absolute awe watching these cute images and don’t want them to end. Let’s look at some more pics of these cuties having the time of their lives…oh I mean having the times of their lives, together.

8. Aww! Cute kitty living the elite life with it’s parent doggos


9. Duckling: “Kissy kissy.” Pitbull: “Stop! It tickles woof woof”


10. Photobomb!


11. “They are so used to being together.”, Kasey shared.

12. The pack is outside, chillin’ in the sun


13. Summers spent the right way

14. We wish they all stay together, forever.


Such a perfect happy family. We loved these pictures so much and we are sure they melted your hearts too.

Bonds are amazing. Once, the trust is established, there’s only positivity that is gonna take over. You’ve seen it for yourself. Look at these animals laughing, smiling, doing weird things. Just like a family.

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