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21 Animals That Became The Source Of Happiness For Their Humans

Animals always bring us happiness.

If we ask what brings you happiness? What would be your answer? For us, it is animals and just animals. Animals make us happy every time. They are cute, adorable and innocent. Little things that they do make us happy. From making a weird face to sleeping in the weirdest position to getting excited for their birthday, animals are just so pure. If you are someone who gets happy just by looking at cute animals, then you are at the right place because we have a collection of 21 animals. These animals are a source of happiness for their owners and you are lucky to see them today. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. “His first day at work”

Via u/killHACKS

That’s how we all feel on our first day at work.

2. She is trying to teach her how to write.


Via u/usernot_found

3. “I know, many people don‘t like rats, but i love this little guy so much”


Via u/sabsel95

He is sleepy, please don’t disturb him.

4. That’s how we hold a sandwich:


Via u/ViolaBecke

5. “10 Years Old Today!”


Via u/DolphinDarko

Look at how excited is she about her birthday.

6. Can we get a kiss?


Via u/AntiBullshyt

7. When your cat loves your wife more than you:


Via u/YikesWazowski_

“My cat loves my wife so much. Here she is cracking the biggest smile in her arms.”

8. Meet this Labrador whose name is Doggo.


Via u/Jackhammer1337

Doggo is a good boy!

9. When someone tells you to show them your teeth:


Via u/TwoTimeToj

Cutest teefs.

10. “He’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but he makes me smile. Hope he can make someone out there smile too”


Via u/krpu95

People might not like or approve of your pet but it is a source of happiness for you. You know what a gem it is! You know their sweet side. We believe every pet is loveable. Every pet is equally cute. From showing you teefs to giving you a wide smile, pets will win your heart and you would have no idea of it that the damage has been done. LOL. Scroll down for more lovely animals.

11. Every dog person’s morning:

Via u/georgeglassok

12. They kept multiplying.


Via u/Yidopq

The cutest collage you will see!

13. “Treading water to cut a cow out of the tree from Hurricane Ida.”

Via u/combatpaddler

14. Love is in the air.


Via u/Chasith

Why not feel the air?

15. “This little guy was lost in the yard when the storm hit today so they get to be warm inside until we can hunt down momma later.”

Via u/Any_Cod_1187

We hope this little baby meets his mama soon.

16. “A different kind of aww? This is my giant millipede Milhouse, who I’ve had for three years. He helps me dispose of my fruit and veggie scraps :)”


Via u/BlackAce1124

17. “A farm near me knits tiny sweaters for the baby animals during winter.”

Via u/tranceythrowaway123

Arthur, looking adorable in his sweater.

18. “Apple Feast”


Via u/MerseySideAlt9

Cuties enjoying apples.

19. “Lil Scooby eyes hits me directly in the heart”

Via u/liarpovat1979

He can win anyone’s heart with these innocent eyes.

20. “Dave’s first taste of ice cream”


Via u/ShawnBader

He is loving it.

21. “My pet and her cute idiot sidekick”

Via u/Cydaea

Look at these derps. They are absolutely cute and who would not laugh at their weird faces? Their expressions say a thousand words and they are the purrfect meme content. What do you think? Do pets make you happy? Comment down to share your thoughts with us.


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