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14 Human Acts Of Kindness That Will Raise Your Hope In This Society

Humanity is definitely not in a good shape but it is far from dead.

Times are very tough, there is no questioning about that. Even the rich are not living at their full potential, the way they used to. And this is owed to a lot of reasons noticeable to everyone. The first one is this stupid global pandemic that has literally taken us back in time. Everything has sort of changed and I don’t like this, people are dying left right and center, businesses are plummeting, everything is just going crazy. And then it’s the humans themselves, things haven’t been too good internally either and the problem is growing in every country. Racism, unethical activities, cultural appropriation all these problems, and more are at their peak in today’s time and this is a huge issue. What this is doing is it is adding to human stress and making life even more difficult. Cherishable moments have decreased drastically and all you are left with is very little hope left in society.

But we are so thankful and glad to say that amidst all this, here do exist some superheroes who have not let all this poison modify their behavior and life for the bad. They chose to stick to their guns and keep spreading goodness and positivity even though there was no personal gain for them in it. Such people are not born every day and their acts of kindness should be cherished forever, especially in this era when they are needed so much.

Today we are going to look at some human acts of kindness, acts that were conducted selflessly and for the greater good. I think we are in dire need of some wholesomeness and there is nothing better to lift the spirits up than to watch humans doing good things.

Scroll down below to feel better if you weren’t already!

1. “Saved a tiny deer from a swift rapid while kayaking.”

Via Evilteddy7 / Reddit

2. “Walked into the shelter and asked which cat had been there the longest. Came home with a deaf, toothless, senior lovebug.”


Via br1dg1d / Reddit

3. “Last year I donated my kidney. Today I got to meet the person I donated my kidney to!”


Via garmeltorres / Reddit

4. “She donated 30 inches of her hair to make wigs for children with cancer.”


Via BlondeAussieGirl1990 / Reddit

5. This Pakistani restaurant offers free food to all those who can’t afford it. So sweet.


Via nopepotato69 / Reddit

6. “This restaurant gives you free tacos if you donate winter clothes for the homeless.”


Via 405freeway / Reddit

7. “I’m a hairdresser. Today, a 4-year-old client who used to be scared of having her hair cut made this for me.”


Via sulkowskyi / Reddit

Life is so uncertain. You never really know when it might come to a halt. Would you like it if that halt came when you were doing something bad or weren’t doing anything at all? I would be disappointing. Watching these people do these amazing acts of kindness has certainly lit up hope in my heart and I am glad for it. What about you guys?

Let’s enjoy more of these wholesome moments. Scroll down below to continue!

8. “A Norwegian firefighter saved a bunny.”


Via Daxen123 / Reddit

9. “There is a blind deer in our neighborhood and this boy walks her every day to make sure she finds food.”


Via bluecollarclassicist / Reddit

10. This kind person saved a leatherback sea turtle stuck in wet sand.


Via saile1234 / imgur

11. “The cat shelter I volunteer with has a program that brings senior cats to visit seniors in nursing homes.”

Via froqwasket / imgur

12. “2 guys created a charity and built a van that offers a free mobile laundry service to the Australian Homeless.”


Via LukeTheBaws / Reddit

13. “I lost my leg in Iraq. Ran a half marathon to raise money for a little girl’s new prosthetic leg.”

Via symattix / imgur

14. “Saved a squirrel from drowning in cold water. Here I am cuddling it for warmth!”


Via jacketteeth / Reddit

Now that certainly does lift your spirits up. I am just really thankful to all these people for existing and doing what they are doing. My only wish is that they keep doing this and I hope this will encourage more people into doing something kind and for the greater good. This world needs saving and I am hopeful, after this, that we will save it. Together.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.  And yeah, always be kind to others.


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