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15 Pics And Videos To Give You A Mega Serotonin Boost

Animals are the best serotonin boost that can make your mood better.

Hello guys, we are back. We knew you were missing us so we are back with a fresh collection of animal videos and photos to bring happiness to your life. Having a rough day or feeling sad for no obvious reason? We are here to rescue you with animal positivity. Trust us, animals can instantly change your mood. Sometimes the negativity is so high in our lives that we need someone or something to give us a serotonin boost. And what can boost your serotonin level than adorable animals? Today, we have made a compilation of 17 animal photos and videos to give you a mega serotonin boost. Scroll down and enjoy, guys!

1. When a baby Tapir meets a wildlife photographer:

Via u/TeisTom

2. When you open the fridge and find your cat there:


Via u/friendlynoodless

This is Noddle. Look at her facial expressions after getting caught.

3. These otters are enjoying an ice bath and seem to love it.

Via u/darkbug3

4. When your brother is feeling a little low:


Via u/PanzKampfer

5. Hey human, let me take you to a new place.

Via u/made_in_GEORGIA

6. “Rare white reindeer makes magical appearance in Sweden”


Via u/NRGpop

What a majestic reindeer!

7. This little duck wants to give you a kiss:

Via u/PavaMies

Is not it cute to watch these animals doing the cutest things? A baby duck trying to catch camera or you can say trying to give you a kiss or a monkey taking its human to a new place or a baby Tapir getting friendly with the wildlife photographer. These animals are the cutest of cute and we can not get enough of them. We want more of these. Scroll down because this is not enough.

8. “Target Acquired”


Via u/rpdcwb

Everything went the way we planned.

9. OMG! Look at those eyes.

Via u/Dragoi

10. Meet Philly the Chinchilly, a handsome Irish guy!

Via u/BufordTeeJustice

11. “It took a long time to wait for these 4 ducks diving at once. Adorable.”


Via u/Anotheryoma

12. This sloth is enjoying boating.

Via u/Rojtav

13. That’s how baby koalas sleep. Awdorable!

Via u/elwe_

14. Human, give me the car keys and I will drive today.


Via u/acnh_nanaland

15. “Trash Panda Kingdom”


Via u/ShapeShiftingCats

We hope you really enjoyed browsing through cute animal photos and videos. Do let us know in the comments down below if you enjoyed and if you want more collections like this one.


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