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20 Animals Who Messed Up Their Default Setting Of Being Normal

Animals never fail to amaze us with their random behaviors. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, or even a horse, any of the animals can start behaving in the weirdest ways you’d have ever seen. But do we enjoy watching that? OF COURSE! We absolutely adore it. The owners of the two most common pets, cats & dogs, would know how their pets would sit in the most random places or make weird faces.

Cats are well known for their mischievous behaviors and dogs are known for their dramatic acts. But today, we are going to show you how animals just decided to break their default setting of being normal which is going to leave you bursting into laughter! So, are you ready to see the pictures that we have compiled for you? Start scrollin’ then!

1. This one definitely forgot how to “Horse”

via © LalaJett/reddit

2. Yes, that’s how he decided to chill.

via © nirnayroy/reddit

3. Cat appears to be weirded out.

via © callkennylogginz/reddit

4. She has like 5 beds in the house but this is the place she chose.

via © ManaSawson/reddit

5. This kitty’s obsession with flushing the toilet is hilarious AF!

via © Aggravating-Edge1453/reddit

6. “Darn neighbor’s cows are tearing the siding off our shed again!”

via © Thick-Ad3337/reddit

7. Look at this 9 year old being a little baby.

via © Organic_Mechanic/reddit

8. Been finding my cat all over the house and that’s where I find her.

via © _Gree/reddit

9. Stop taking a picture of me, hooman.

via © Philamilapeed/reddit

10. Not sure whether he’s stuck or taking a nap.

via © squintsEASTwood/reddit

11. What did we tell you about dogs being dramatic? There you go.

via © smallde***bot/reddit

12. Could you pass me some tissues, hooman?

via © jekfrumstotferm/reddit

13. OMG they look hilarious AF! Love that hairstyle tho!

via © follysurfer/reddit

14. What? I’m just trying to stretch.

via © joey12345678925/reddit

15. No, he isn’t stretching. That’s just how he sits.

via © TJD985/reddit

16. Ah, what a life!

via © RHEmarketing/reddit

17. If “derp” had a face.

via © OldIronSides/reddit

18. I think my cat malfunctioned

via © Kathi_Th/reddit

19. My dogs doing ballet dancing. While lying.

via © downriverrowing/reddit

20. Have you seen a cat doing gymnastics? There you go.

via © thecutieivan/reddit

So you see how these animals completely forgot how to be normal. But we must appreciate the people who took these pictures at the right moment which turned out to be a good laugh! Animals are a true blessing in our lives as they never let us get bored and would always bring a smile to our faces. It’s funny how you don’t even need to have a pet in order to understand these pictures. However, if you would have one of these pets, it just becomes more fun and interesting.

Lastly, we would like to know, which one of these pictures made you laugh the most? Share your opinions down in the comments section and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family to bring a smile to their faces!


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