20 Animals Who Were Spotted Being Derps And Cuties At The Same Time

Animals are as quirky as they are cute.

There is no doubt about the fact that animals pack a solid punch. Even though pet owners say they know their animals very well, it is still impossible to predict their next move. Your dog who went out to play may end up bringing a goat back home because they are now best friends. Your cat who gives you the cutest looks when you return home from work every day might have just demolished your $2000 Smart TV a few hours ago. Quirkiness and naughtiness are something that come built in animals. But the reason why it is not possible to get mad at them is that they are all so cute. Animals are probably the only kind of derps who are cute as well. Suppose your animal suddenly stands upright, you will feel weirded out, right? No, you won’t because they know how to make it look cute. Don’t ask me how they do it because I don’t have the answer either. I have just accepted this fact and have decided to cherish it.


And today we are going to do just that. We are going to enjoy pictures of animals who have mastered being derpy and are also professionals at being cute.

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1. It seems like this kitten tasted milk for the first time and cannot believe something so delicious could posibly exist on planet Earth.

Via Buchabricks / Reddit

2. This is how he stands up every time he hears bell noises.


Via Flbudskis / Reddit

3. He got stuck in a knot and looks like he has accepted his failure after trying every trick to get out.


Via NPT1506 / Reddit

4. He normally steals the chips like a pro, but this day he made a mess out of it.


Via Boing26 / Reddit

5. Just on his 3rd day of adoption, he started showcasing his derpy side in a way that made his owners love him even more


Via KwallieC / Reddit

6. The way he sits, he deserves to live with trillionaires only.


Via tadlrs / Reddit

7. This cat was caught calling upon the cat gods.


Via Murdoc2D96 / Reddit

8. These derps require a haircut as soon as possible.


Via follysurfer / Reddit

9. This image screams entitlement.


Via OysterDoll / Reddit

10. Winston the cat can’t stand staying a second away from his foster kitten.


Via buttonupshorts / Reddit

What even are these creatures? I would most probably get slapped back to stone-age for the things these animals easily get away with. All thanks to their cuteness. You can only expect such things from animals.

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11. Stella and Pepper were caught fighting for the front seat.

Via JazzyyWolf / Reddit

12. The cat’s owners went out and returned after his dinner time. Of course, he had to eat something so he opened a bag of bagels and took a bite out of every single one of them in protest and to cater to his hunger.


Via sufficiently_sp00ked / Reddit

13. He always dreamt of being an elephant. Looks like he regrets his dreams now.

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Via ThirdThreshold / Reddit

14. His Dad installed a new light in the garden and left the ladder there. So this one decided to take a closer look.


Via beelz95 / Reddit

15. Can you tell he is crazy for bubbles?

Via MarvelousFizz / Reddit

16. Chilling with their derpy doggo while they wait on their laundry.


Via noneofthismatters666 / Reddit

17. Now that is how you take a selfie!

Via Imfunsize_mhm / Reddit

18. Millie lets her owners know someone’s at the door.


Via Barfsack / Reddit

19. Stuck between not wanting to stay home and being too lazy to go out for a walk.

Via armance83 / Reddit

20. The owner thought they had lost their cat only to find it like this.


Via filochick05 / Reddit

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