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40 Of Most Spoiled Cats That Are Dominating Their Owners

Do you have a spoiled cat?

Does she go around claiming everything you own? Does she want to have her own laptop? Have you built her a house of her own? Well, then you have more in common with the following people than you realize. These people also want to spoil their cats to no end. And why wouldn’t they when their cats are so adorable? While cats might not fully understand that the new toy you bought them cost a fortune, they can definitely appreciate it. 


I know we have all seen cats sleeping in boxes when you just bought them a cat bed of their own, but these cats are different as they are taking full advantage of the luxury that is being given to them. And they will keep demanding more. After all, once you have a taste of that good life, you can never go back. And that applies to cats as well. So take a look for yourself at some cats spoiled rotten by scrolling below. 

#1 This kitty is wearing more bling than I can ever hope to buy.

Via mamabird_2

#2 A fluffy and beautiful gazebo made for this spoiled cat.

Via lesbiancandles

#3 ‘I will not let you use the toilet until you pet me.’

Via lineyp

#4 ‘No more work, I need snuggles.’

Via lemaxx

#5 Cats are never sure whether they want to be inside or out.

Via quarky_42

#6 She always wants to be held by her hooman.

Via LordBran

#7 A specially made hammock for this kitty.

Via mischiefsadvocate

#8 I just hope she doesn’t destroy the puzzle.

Via Sappy18

#9 He is angry at his hooman for not cuddling with him.

Via speedycat2014

#10 Those are some powerful claws.

Via erwinmurry

#11 Those eyes are truly hypnotizing.

Via WildWolf

#12 ‘You are not allowed to go into the washroom alone.’

Via ramonacumcloser

#13 We just needed you to tuck us in.

Via waterfae
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#14 This kitty needs a place to rest her hands.

Via treitonedehummus

#15 ‘I want to listen to your heartbeat.’

Via MissMeltyPanda

#16 When boxes are the only thing your cat enjoys.

Via ipoopette

#17 This cat is quite satisfied with the new bed.

Via hellothereholly

#18 When your cat wants a midnight snack.

Via oishicat

#19 ‘This is my towel.’

Via toastsss68

#20 These cats are learning to cook by watching.

Via emilyjobot

Cats are naturally curious creatures and they are enamored by humans. So when they are following you or watching you, it is probably because they want to see what you do. And those cats won’t leave you alone as they might have separation anxiety which can leave them feeling sad when you are not interacting with them. However, every cat is different and some don’t like to be coddled. So one just has to understand their cat’s behavior.

#21 When your cat gets a gift for their birthday.

Via victoriavague

#22 Fixing your cat’s favorite toy.

Via timemanagement77

#23 ‘I want a book to read too, hooman.’

Via Savidawn93

#24 ‘Hold me before you go.’

Via flinderman76

#25 ‘A little higher, I need to see the birds.’

Via EricSaysHey

#26 These cats have an outdoor house and I am jealous.

Via slicedgreenolive

#27 ‘I want to be at the top of the world.’

Via saidish

#28 ‘If you don’t feed me, I’ll destroy everything.’

Via DukeFerdinandMaria

#29 Who needs a scarf when you have a cat?

Via ZodiacalCleric

#30 ‘I want to see more bird videos.’

Via Srg1

#31 This magical mushroom kingdom belongs to the cats.

Via scarletterotica86

#32 When your cat has a shrine of herself.

Via emwardo

#33 He only eats the best and that is caviar.

Via cybernadja

#34 This floof gets a thermal pillow for her butt.

Via TheFunkyMonk

#35 ‘Turn on the sink, I need water.’

Via Melissa93xo

#36 Her wish is her human’s command.

Via Quatrinn

#37 When you want to go outside but hate walking.

Via lol_smileyface

#38 ‘The fare for letting you pass is a good pet.’

Via cinnasluttly

#39 This cat knows what he is worth.

Via bonojour

#40 ‘Yes, I love this show.’

Via samplifier

Is your cat as spoiled as the above creatures? If so, how did they turn out this way? What is the most expensive thing you have ever gotten for them? Let us know in the comments below.


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