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Woman Asks If She Is In The Wrong For Insisting On Getting A Cat When Her Husband Is Against It, Drama Ensues

Both partners should make a decision when getting a pet.

Deciding on getting a pet when you’re married isn’t an easy decision. I mean if you live alone then you really do not have to care what others say as you will be the one taking care of the kitty, But the same cannot be said when more than one person is involved. After all, pets aren’t toys and require a lot of effort and care. And even though I absolutely adore cats, not everyone is a big fan of them.

So talking it out with your significant other when it comes to adopting an animal is a must. You might feel like you are being held back but that is the compromise you have to make when you are married. You always have to think about the other person in the relationship and they might not want a pet for whatever reason and you just have to accept it. It is not a good idea to force your partner or just get a pet without letting them know as it never ends well.

You can read the whole story from her perspective by scrolling below.

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Just from the title, we can tell that she really isn’t in the right here no matter how she justifies it.


She clearly loves cats but her husband is just not up for wanting a cat and that is understandable.


However, she keeps insisting on getting one and I understand where she is coming from as well.


I honestly feel for her as I absolutely adore cats as well. I didn’t have permission from my parents to get a cat either. But it wasn’t for any big reason, they just didn’t want me to be housebound or not be able to take care of the cat efficiently. But I did end up getting one without telling them. Thankfully, they ended up absolutely falling in love with the little baby and I think the cat loves my, parents, more than me.

However, I do not recommend doing this when it comes to your partner. Talking to them beforehand and understanding their reasoning behind their decision is always the way to go. A relationship is built on trust and you will be breaking it. They won’t ever be able to trust you so it is never a good idea o do something behind your partner’s back. Communication is very important in any kind of relationship.

But the people in the comments were not by her side.


They told her straight up that she was in the wrong and I have to agree.


Thankfully, she realized her mistake and actually had a conversation with her husband about this.


So while they might not be getting a cat, their relationship is going well which is exactly what we all wanted.

Just because she couldn’t get a cat doesn’t mean you don’t get your daily cat tax!


She was severely hurt when we got her. Now there she is, 9 years old and the most beautiful girl. Say Hi to Lilly!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think she was in the wrong for insisting in the first place? Or would you have done it as well? Would you ever get a pet without your partner’s agreement? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to also share this story with your friends so they can join in the discussion as well.


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