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Artist Leaves Hilarious Signs Around City For Others To Find

An artist with great humour? Definitely a perfect combination!

Micheal Pederson, an Australian-based artist has been making rounds over the internet for his street signs that he put up in some unexpected places. He knows how to play around with boring and simple places creatively and turn them into art. His work leaves the people passing by to have a closer look and enjoy the hilariously witty signs. Humour also tends to connect people. In a world full of worries and new problems that arise every day, this artist puts in some effort to bring a smile to people’s faces.


This article has his most famous works compiled up in one place. He made signs for different places, whether it was a simple bench, a flower, a pair of shoes hanging on a wire, some random embarrassing emergency tips, a switchboard, or as simple as a group of pigeons gathered in one place – we call it pigeon-port though! These signs will really impress you as to how this man used his creativity and imagination in the most unique yet fascinating way! So, without any further ado, let’s look into the article below!

1. The most realistic sign ever!

The waiting game is a trap!

2. I’m fragile, please!


3. Looking for some ‘me time’?


4. They don’t skip arms day!


5. This is hilarious!


Our actual mood after an embarrassing situation summed up perfectly!

6. Someone hasn’t been going to work lately




8. When you see someone from your school in public…


Isn’t this what we all do? LOL

9. Pigeon-port?


Hello, I’m looking for my son named Pigeon!

10. Well, thanks for the warning mate!


Enjoying the art so far? We knew you would! Isn’t it a wonder how an artist has the ability to transform even a simple thing into an art? Well, artists are quite impressive in whatever they do, especially this one right here. His work will literally entice you into looking at it and we bet you can’t help but chuckle at these witty signs, right? Don’t worry, it doesn’t end here, we have more in the lot for you so keep scrolling!

11. That’s one hell of an adventure though!

Nice recommendations on how to kill time, wow!

12. What would’ve happened if he was actually drunk?


Can’t even imagine the mess…

13. Beware of Benjamin!

We’ve warned you now, no more complaints, please!

14. What if this was actually true?


Made a mistake? No worries, let’s reset the city!

15. I knew this emptiness was real…

This turned dark, real quick!

16. Wondering If someone actually played this?


Sounds super interesting, to be honest!

17. The historical bench.

18. When you have extra money and want to spend it on random things


19. Hey, who hurt you, little buddy?

So, we have finally come to an end of this article in which you saw some funny signs and surely had a good laugh. This artist really knows how to turn even the simplest and monotonous object into an art – well that’s a real talent! From the above witty signs, which one did you like the most? Do comment below and tell us your favourite one, we’ll be waiting! You may also share these with an artist friend who would appreciate the work too.


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