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16 Pics Of Jerk Cats Doing Things That They Know They Are Not Allowed To Do

Hey, good morning to all cat lovers out there! We hope that you are having a great day and missing your weekly dose of funny cat posts. Today we have decided to celebrate one aspect of our loving cats “their independence” Cats are amazing creatures who are always curious to know more and they are one heck of freedom fighters. You can’t prevent them from doing what they want to do. No matter how dumb and stupid they can act sometimes, cats will do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. There’s no stopping them, cats will steal food right off your plate when you’re not looking, sit on your freshly laundered clothes and coat them in fur with no remorse, and even steal dogs’ beds with no concern for the repercussions. They will get what they want, and we can only respect that.

So what are you waiting for guys? Keep on scrolling down below to see this amazing collection of jerk cats doing things. Make sure you watch it till the end otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of fun.

1. “Walking on the narrow ledge of the window. I know he does it to spite me.”


Via Jennifer Williams

2. “My cat knows…”


“My cat knows that he is not allowed to sit on the kitchen table! So whenever I need to feed him medicine and/or “special needs food” (which he does not like under no circumstances) … I just put it on the table, turn the back on him, pretend having to do something important at the kitchen sink… And there he is:”

Via Pia Antoinette

3. “My editor cat Bandit (taking over for editor cat Stimpy who sadly passed last month)…except he paws the papers onto the floor…”


Via Jennifer Tirrell

4. “Grace sits in our plant. I don’t care if she sits there, but she kicks all the dirt everywhere.”


Via Debby Hartline

5. “Bella likes looking…”


“Bella likes looking at my mound of colored pencils and loves taking one of her big, fluffy paws and scooping the pencils towards her like she’s claiming them for herself. If I tell her no she will shove them all off my desk and as I pick them up she shoves more down on my head. In this picture she is doing her famous, “I’m completely innocent” routine as she tries looking really cute so I won’t be mad at her anymore. And I melt every single time. I can’t resist Bella’s cuteness!”

Via Caitlin Williams

6. “This. This is what he’s not supposed to do.”


Via Tori Schwindt

7. “Our darling Autumn on top of the cupboard, ABOVE the refrigerator, performing her nightly gargoyle duties.”

Via Quinie Leary

8. “Running to the chair where I sit and bragging that he stole my seat”


Via Katt Myres Zeliff

9. “Little Ms. Frankie must lay on every tshirt project I complete before it gets delivered. I think it’s her way of blessing the receivers lol!”

Via Jessica Marshall

10. “Drinking from my cups!!”


Via Jenny Greene

11. “Jumps up on my dresser and stares at and judges me when im laying in bed”

Via Melissa Frank

12. “Minnie took off her cute little onesie after getting spayed”


Via Angéline Marié

13. “I have a head warmer when I sleep”

Via Josette Kincaid

14. “Tater Tot, she loves the top of the bathroom door.”


Via Courtny Nielsen

15. “I’m a renter. I don’t think I’m getting my security deposit back…”

Via Courtny Nielsen

16. “every damn day. I put a thin piece plywood over the keyboard to cut down on him rando changing my settings.”


Via Kris Learned

These pictures are proof that cats will do whatever they want and there’s nothing much you can do to prevent that. Don’t go on their cute little faces these fluffy balls are the king of mischief. Well, whatever they do we have to agree that we would be quite bored and sad if there would be no more cats.

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