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Woman Says She Make More Money Than Siblings After Her Parents Shame Her Babysitting Special Kids

Having a dream job that your parents don’t support is a well-known movie trope. Sadly, the cliché also occurs in real life.

In today’s post from u/aitarealjob on Reddit’s well-known moral judgement forum r/AmITheAsshole, we read about actual parents who are strongly opposed to their daughter’s professional choices. OP works as a nanny for children with special needs, which is undoubtedly a difficult position to fill. She earns a staggering $120,000 a year, gets free housing, and gets a free car. In essence, she earns money and has the majority of her expenditures covered. But ever since she realized she was interested in working with children, her parents have been bugging her about it because they don’t think childcare is a real career.

After eventually tiring of their constant harassment, OP admitted that she earns more than her siblings, a nurse and an accountant. Redditors are mostly on her side, but her siblings are furious with her since she made them seem terrible in front of their parents. For more sibling drama, scroll down to see the sister who turned her brother, his girlfriend, and their unborn child away.

1. Here’s the story of OP being a nanny and earning a decent income with a free car and house

Font - Font - AITA for telling my parents that I make more than both my siblings when they told me to get a real job I'm a nanny to 2 special needs kids. There's a very high demand for nannies for special needs kids because 3 special needs daycares in my county shut down, so I make approximately $120,000 a year and live in the family's guesthouse rent-free and they bought me a car so I can drive the kids around.

Via u/aitarealjob

2. OP’s parents were not convinced of her wanting to choose child education in studies as they think it’s not a real career

Font - Font - My parents have the belief that any job in childcare isn't a real job. They went so far as to call my aunt (she majored in child development) and had her tell me how broke she is when I said I wanted to major in early childhood education, then they told me I could either pick an "acceptable" major or they wouldn't pay for my college.


3. After cutting contact with parents, they approached OP and asked her for her job to which she said she’s a nanny, parents compared her with siblings and criticized for getting a good job

Font - Font - I cut contact with them for a while in college and we recently started talking again. I've been in contact with my siblings, though. My parents recently asked about my job and education and were not happy when I said I'm a nanny and have my masters in special education. They made a comment that I'm working the same job that I've had since I was 15 and how I'll be broke forever then told me to get a real job like my brother (accountant) and sister (nurse).


4. OP said that she makes more money than both of the other siblings

Font - Font - I was pissed and told my parents that I make more than both my brother and sister and I don't have to pay rent, for car payments, or for gas.


5. Parents upon hearing this hung up and the siblings were mad at her

Font - Mammal - They hung up and I got a text from my sister saying I made her look bad to our parents. My brother said I should've just kept my mouth shut.


6. Now OP asks if she did a bad thing being an a-hole

Font - Font - AITA for telling my parents how much I make?


7. Clearly not the a-hole, NTA

Font - Font - HourlyAlbert · 13 hr. ago Asshole Aficionado [10] NTA- sounds like your parents needed a reality check and you delivered.


8. That’s right

Font - Hand - skydiamond01· 11 hr. ago Partassipant [1] And tell them to piss off if they ever ask for money


9. No profession is worthless, it’s all about your passion and once the earning is decent it becomes more great

Font - Font - dmathvxcvdsgd · 7 hr. ago NTA. Your parents are part of why I'm not in childcare anymore. I ran a daycare and always had people tell me it was just babysitting and s. it talk my prices. It got old quick.


10. Nobody has the right to control your choices

Font - Swegh_ · 13 hr. ago Pooperintendant [54] NTA - you're an adult and they're trying to control your choices. You've done well for yourself and they should be proud. But no, they refuse to accept that you're doing what you want to do. You do make more than them and you have a pretty great setup for yourself as well. So you did nothing wrong by telling them the truth.


11. Sounds about right

Font - littlestbookstore · 13 hr. ago S Asshole Enthusiast [8] You are not an AH for defending yourself and your work. Your parents suck for that. You weren't exactly great by bringing your siblings into it, though. It doesn't sound like you had malicious intent, you were just trying to defend yourself when you were being compared to them, but your sister had a point, too. It's your parents who suck for pitting you and your siblings against each other.

12. Do you all agree?

Font - EzHedgehog · 13 hr. ago Professor Emeritass [72] NTA Your whole family has messed up priorities.


13. Yes

Font - Evil_Mel · 13 hr. ago Colo-rectal Surgeon [45] NTA Your parents were being disrespectful & you were trying to assure them that you were not "broke".

14. This is clearly some toxic shit out here

Font - Egoteen · 13 hr. ago Asshole Enthusiast [7] NTA. Your family sounds toxic, OP, I'm so sorry. You have a wonderful job that meaningful helps people in the world and you made a good living financially. If you enjoy your job, that's all that matters.


15. You must not think otherwise

Font - mandeert · 13 hr. ago Partassipant [1] Absolutely NTA and do not let these people make you think otherwise. You're doing such an important and amazing job, and when they disrespect you for it, you're allowed to tell them how well you're doing so they'll realise how uneducated they are.

What are your thoughts on this story? Have you ever been in a conflict with your parents? If you did, we would like to her that story. Stay tuned for more content.

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