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30 Bad Designs That Are Bound To Disappoint You

These designs will make you shake your head.

Designing is something very important. It is the main factor that is going to attract potential customers. Buildings, signboards, clothes, product packaging, service, it really can be anything. If you want it to grow, you have to make sure the design is right. How many times have you chosen a product to purchase from an online website only because you like how the product looks, even though there is a cheaper one that does the same job but looks ugly? Exactly! That is how much design matters. It’s that appeal that pulls you, not what’s inside.


In order to nail the design, the creator must have a highly creative mind that can think ahead of the current aesthetics and come up with something that is trending but also isn’t repetitive. It is not easy, and that is why designing jobs are one of the highest paying jobs out there. But that also doesn’t mean you are always bound to find the best designs all over the world. There are many businesses that don’t invest heavily in design and generate products that look absolutely crappy and ridiculous. No one would ever go near these items because they just don’t look right. I am pretty sure you must have seen such products at stores nearby as they are everywhere. Where it is good, there is bound to be bad.

You know there are a lot of products out there with terrible designs when there is an entire subreddit dedicated to such products. There’s a whole community on Reddit known as “Crappy Design” that serves only one purpose and that is to locate products with the worst ever designs from all over the world and share them with everyone. A cause to make everyone laugh is a cause we all appreciate. Crappy Design was founded back in 2011 and since then it has grown into a massive family of over 3.1 million members. With that huge a following, you know the content is bound to be good…I mean bad…you get the point.

We explored the subreddit and created a compilation of 3 bad designs that are bound to disappoint you. Scroll down below to shake your head.

1. I think it is a very bad idea to put a sculpture on your department’s roof that looks like a real person about to jump off.

Source: Cupfeet

2. They really did this spider-man toy dirty with that terrible eye gap.


Source: Krane4

3. What is wrong with this Peppa Pig pen’s eyes?


Source: mariajromerov

4. “Couldn’t figure out why I kept grabbing the wrong size out of the multipack box…then realized all 3 sizes come in all 3 colors!”


Source: facemymusic

5. The design of this baby play mat is just not right.


Source: Ray96598

6. They put the SOS button right where the flush button normally is.


Source: Affectionate_Cat293

7. No, that is not two people doing the naughty. The man has his helmet placed on his knee.


Source: rex138

8. What did they think when they were making this playground?


Source: MtmJM

9. They went for “Home” and tried to substitute the O with California’s map but it really just looks like an I making the whole word turn into a “Hime”.


Source: ahhh

10. The menu for 3 churros has the image of 7 churros. Why?


Source: lloverzo

11. I actually cannot believe my eyes right now. This is beyond stupid.

Source: KoldunMaster

12. The holes in this chair are closed. What were they trying to do, save all the dust and dirt?


Source: Jeswin31

13. Yeah, well done whoever put those lights right on top of the apartment numbers.

Source: -K-C-

14. This magazine by National Geographic that shares the dangers of plastic bag usage came in a plastic bag. The irony.


Source: dumbomb

15. What even is that top left sign? Don’t fart on pregnant women?

Source: brhiebner

How dumb do you have to be? I mean you have to give it to these bad designers for making us all laugh. At times things are just so bad you feel disappointed and then you start laughing at the lost cause. I lowkey do feel bad because they probably didn’t intend to ruin these designs but seriously, people need to understand this behavior is not okay. What will the aliens think of us when we present them with a banana sealed in a plastic bag? We have a lot to learn.

Let’s enjoy some more design fails. Scroll down to continue.

16. This is the work of the devil. You cannot pass this platform without having your leg broken.


Source: Dis-Man-8

17. He purchased a shirt that had “Dope” written on it but unfortunately, those letters also make up the word “Pedo”.

Source: CursivePallet

18. The red tick is supposed to be a cross.


Source: lorenzotinzenzo

19. How are you supposed to bend over when the tools are in the pocket of the apron?

Source: minimum_thrust

20. At the Toronto Pearson Airport, if you look at the top sign the men’s bathroom is on the right but according to the wall it’s on the left.


Source: AdmHornblower

21. This light fixture has no room to grab the bulb. What happens when the bulb fuses?

Source: Titan_of_Time

22. There was a piece of paper inside that made it look like the block of cheese had mold spots.


Source: nakisa444

23. No one is ever going to that gym ever again.

Source: herashoka

24. Do they want me to die? Do they want me to drive dangerously? Do they want me to drive safely? What do they want me to do?

Source: chica420

25. Drink the tea and go blind at the same time.

Source: CosmeBuzzanito

26. I don’t think that’s how it works.

Source: SomeRandomPb

27. Half fish roll, half woman.


Source: Cream77

28. The sink is directly attached to the toilet. Anything you drop, there is no chance of saving it.

Source: batataqw89

29. That’s an O and then a zero, not two zeros.


Source: coconutgoat

30. Who thought this would look cool?

Source: Shiawase

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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