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People Share The Awkward Moments That Will Embarrass Them For Their Whole Lives

Have you ever come across a situation where you woke up from a deep sleep remembering something embarrassing you did three years ago, or that embarrassing thing you said in front of the whole class last week. Well, that’s quite natural! We all might have done something which would have made us want to disappear from the Earth at that very instant. However, remembering your awkward moments later in life might just make you laugh about it.

According to psychological experts being vocal about your embarrassing moments can make you more creative. It helps you embrace yourself and remove the false standards you’ve set for yourself. Honestly, we all are humans, mistakes can be made and it’s totally fine to accept them and remember them in a lighter way. Not everybody is comfortable talking about such moments, you have to raise your spirits. Not all embarrassing moments are that bad, many of them could prove to add an extra bit of humor to the dull moments. Here are some folks who weren’t so shy about sharing their most embarrassing moments and extracted an extra source of entertaining others from it. That’s the kind of positivity we need to lift each other up!

Go through the following tweets, you might feel much better about your awkward moments!

1. Dad must have been double-minded, either to drop the lady off first or get the mom

2. The love was in the air


3. You’re nuts


4. What if your mom told you had Irish roots too?


5. It’s time that you change your car now


6. I thought you would just need some basic common sense for that?


7. And I now work at a grocery store


I’d rather check IDs than come across such a situation

8. Mirrors can be delusional




10. Keep your wine to yourself


11. Comforting gone wrong

Was the hair too bothersome?

12. This should be above in the haunting travel stories


Hope the bag didn’t travel to the other side of the world

13. Guess what the day is today? It’s a hump day!

14. He must have decided to move to Sri Lanka and given up on his nationality


15. A manikin that came to life

16. Thought of treating myself with that extra penny


Everybody has come across situations where they must have found themselves doing something extremely awkward. Most people aren’t able to talk about their embarrassing moments without getting hit by a haunt or getting flushed and red. Well, these people here narrating stories about their embarrassing moments on social media deserve an Oscar.

Keep going to read some more of the most hilarious stories!

17. When the gym gets to your nerves

18. You take my muffin, I take yours


19. He might have thought of giving himself a little protocol

20. The trolley switch


Thank God he realized it earlier or before paying for both the trollies

21. What entering your 40s feels like

I forget how many siblings I have in my 20s, isn’t that haunting?

22. The lady must have thought of you being too nosy


23. When someone’s too sure about their song being good

24. Caught in the act


25. At least she found the toilet, just to realize it wasn’t on the cafe’s property

26. The chic-thief


I ain’t greedy but I still wanted a free sample

27. Stole a car whose battery had already been stolen


How nobody could remember she took a ride to the bar?

28. Well you still got a free ride

This is how we can lift each other up without judging for the smallest things and just enjoying the little mistakes we make. If these awkward moments wouldn’t cross our lives every now and then, life would naturally seem to be stagnant. These highs and lows make it much more interesting for us.

If you ever come across such a situation and you’re hesitant of talking about it, lower your walls! let us know about your story in the comment section below, nobody would judge you here, that’s a promise!


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