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15 Beautiful Pictures Of Maine Coon Cats That Prove They Are Majestic Creatures

Maine Coons are truly majestic.

While I love all cats, every cat breed has something different to offer. And when one goes to adopt a kitty, they usually have something in mind as to which breed they would prefer. After all, every cat breed exhibits different behavior and some are not perfect for first-time pet owners. However, Maine Coons fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to their behavior. They can be quite friendly to those they trust but they also have the laziness that cat breeds like Ragdolls lack. 


But Maine Coons are still one of the most popular breeds around the world. They grow up to be quite big in size because they have a lot of fur. So for those who like to wear black clothes, a white Maine Coon might be your worst nightmare. They also require a lot of care as their fur can easily become matted if you don’t regularly brush them. These big kitties are quite playful and love to fool around with humans, so they fit right in homes with big families. 

You can see why the world loves Maine Coons so much by scrolling below.

#1 This ginger kitty has a beautiful white beard.

Via mycoonieslife

#2 Some kitties even like to go on walks.

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#3 Snow White has nothing on this beautiful cat.

Via lotus_the_mainecoon

#4 Are we sure this is even a cat and not a lion?

Via rogercoonie

#5 We can see the curious nature of a Maine Coon on display here.

Via bruno.coon

#6 Maine Coons can be pretty calm and don’t mind being cuddled with.

Via big_cat_ramses

#7 This chonky cat has made new friends.

Via luna_and_louie

#8 She is extending her paw for a handshake.

Via kayo.the.maine.coon

The name Maine Coon actually comes from the state of Maine in the US as it is the official cat for that state. Not only that, but Maine Coons are one of the oldest breeds and were used as hunting cats in the old times because of their large size. They are still kept as farm cats to scare away any predators and to keep farm animals in their enclosures. I know usually this sort of job is for a dog but these cats are unique in this regard.

#9 Apparently Maine Coons can weigh up to 20 pounds and now I can see why.

Via omar_mainecoon

#10 He looks quite at home in the wild.

Via sebbethecoonis

#11 Those adorable ears will be the bane of my existence.

Via hugo_and_nemo_the_mainecoons

#12 The fiery eyes are beautifully contrasted against the grey fur.

Via mainecoon_spain

#13 This beautiful kitty is on the prowl in the snow.

Via mainecoonqueens
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#14 He needs a little brush for his beard.

Via ubertomainecoon

#15 He might not be able to see clearly but we can see that he is gorgeous.

Via lord_henry_official_cat

What are your thoughts on Maine Coons? Do you love them as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share so other people can enjoy looking at these furry kitties as well.


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