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35 Heartwarming Before-After Pictures Of Rescued Cats That Show The Power Of Adoption

These before and afters will warm your heart.

Whenever I used to watch a cliche nerdy romance movies, I would always wait for the transformation montage. Where the girl would take off her glasses and she was suddenly drop-dead gorgeous. I am well aware it doesn’t work that way and glasses don’t make you ugly. But it was still so much fun to see a transformation.

However, as it turns out it is much more heartwarming to see these rescue kitties transformed into beautiful and healthy cats. These images just show what a little love can do. Animals deserve love and it breaks my heart that some people treat them as bad as they do.

I know you are here for some feel-good content so scroll on below and take a look.

#1 A lot of love and cat is healthy and adorable now.

Via xsited1

It’s always nice to see people care for the animals. A small act makes a big difference! -fro_st puppy

#2 This dude deserves all the happiness in the world.

Via DeyHayZeus

A real beauty, I have two kitties, both adopted, were rescues, they truly changed my life, cuddles, and so much laughter, they do silly things, love changes life !!! -sharron lynn parsons

#3 You can just see how happy she is now.

Via IFadingLightI

From a bun to a loaf. -MagicalUnicorn

#4 He has gotten too big to even hold up.

Via Parkendlydia

It’s almost a year to the day since my friend brought home a kitten from a rescue centre, so she decided to recreate the first picture she took of him.

#5 The love can be felt through the screen.

Via OmegaaSupremee

This is Leo (Leonidas) and we’ve been besties since 2012. He was born under my stairs, and I rescued him. We love each other very much.

#6 A little help is all he needed.

Via hkh220

Keller is just stunningly handsome!! There is no greater unconditional love between us and our fur babies. Nothing compares. -Elaine Tan

#7 Love the adorable mustache.

Via olivealexander

Harvey’s skinny body was found abandoned in a ditch, soaking wet, and dotted with cigarette burns. He was infested with fleas, anemic, and starving.

One look at his little face and I knew had to adopt him. Fast forward 5 years, he’s now a confident, happy, healthy boi with a career in modelling.

#8 One year an make such a big difference.

Via casuso

She was so tiny and malnourished. I hope you guys have a long friendship. -K.

#9 He may be blind but his heart holds many wonders.

Via Adishofcustard

8 years ago for my b-day I adopted a blind kitten from a struggling rescue on Craigslist.

#10 You can see the kitty is very thankful.

Via minor_groove

Good nutrition and love is, indeed, transformational. -Joyce Deering

#11 He deserves to be spoiled as much as possible.

Via that_ginger18

My dad found this cutie alongside the road while working. I’d like to say he lives a spoiled life. October vs. Now.

#12 This kitty has grown up to be quite the chonkers.

Via Indisputabull

The before and after smiles are just as wonderful as the before and after kitty. -Colin L

#13 Damn, This is too adorable. My heart can’t take it.

Via micumpleanoseshoy

Took a stray momcat and her kittens home. A month after, she has no more mange problem and I have 3 fat kittens too.

#14 How could a mother not love this face?

Via cozyburrito_

This is 1.5 yo Pelle. I became his momma when his cat momma didn’t want to take care of him, around when he was 3-4 weeks old.

My cousin adopted him when he got a little older. Now him and I get to hang out this entire week while she’s on vacation.

#15 Only three weeks and he is on his way to becoming a model.

Via badbradmtl

I found Chelvin very sick and malnourished just outside my neighborhood. He was only a few weeks old. Three weeks of love and care went a long way!!

#16 The curiosity in the eyes is undeniable.

Via bribotronic

From a scared and starving kitten found under my boyfriend’s house, to a fat and curious little hell raiser 6 months later.

#17 Loving the bowtie, he looks very classy.

Via Zombie_Mum

Pugsley the rescue cat before and after. It’s amazing what a little love and some strong antibiotics can do!

#18 Is this the cat form of Yin and Yang?

Via croutelle

From 1 month to 7 months. I was about to adopt my very first kitten ; cat foster family said “Don’t you want to adopt these two? They’d be so happy together”.

They were so right.

#19 I am glad she is okay now.

Via ToyotaLasagna

Just got this before pic from the shelter. From a stray in Thailand to the queen of our apartment, meet Connie.

#20 He looks like a lion ready to strike.

Via BoneyardHorizons

Anyone who saw how bad Stitchey was a few months ago, look at him now!

He’s a whole lot better compared to when he was first rescued! My friend took him in and helped Stitchey! He’s playful and living his best life!

#21 True happiness is right here.

Via bigfuckingdiamond

My 96g hand rear boy made it! He’s now 2kg and almost 4 months old. He and his rescue sister are my absolute world and have given my life meaning.

#22 You never have enough time with them as kids.

Via DanteThonSimmons

Meet Frankie! Adopted him from the shelter six weeks ago.

Now I know why parents say “They grow up so fast!”

#23 Even the leg is all healed in 6 months.

Via Tycja

Lovely and loved orange creamsicle kitty! -Colin L

#24 This kitty was waiting at the bus stop so someone could get him home.

Via Disco_Frisco

So the marking were all dirt and he was a snowball underneath. -Bengü Taşkesen

#25 The look of hope in the second picture is so endearing.

Via pieceofkejt

On 1st pic is my boyfriends cat when he found her in rain meowing alone, 2nd pic is few days after he cleaned and fed her, and 3rd pic is she today a six months after he found her.

#26 Still yawning to her hearts content.

Via RapBastardz

Awe she or he hasn’t changed one bit! -Lilli Stanard

#27 She finally found her forever home.

Via kanarce

Our rescue Tiara – she went through 3 foster homes before coming home and never leaving my side again.

#28 I never knew you could take cats for walks.

Via vidanyabella

From being found frozen into the side of the highway, to losing part of her tail from the trauma, to gorgeous girl living the best life. She’s brought so much love into our lives.

#29 Now she can soar towards the sky!

Via scorchyunicorn

I adopted a stray cat 3 months ago. She was very weak and couldn’t stand on her own legs. But she was truly a fighter. Meet Katie!

#30 Are we sure the second cat didn’t eat the first one?

Via Michael34229136

Peter the Cat day my daughter rescued from a ditch, four years later!

#31 Just doing some yoga.

Via butterybreadbuns

He was given up by his previous owners and spent 4+ months malnourished, matted, and uncared for in a shelter, even though he’s the sweetest and most gentle cat I’ve met.

I’m grateful for every day that I get to spoil this kitty.

#32 He gets to live a lazy life now.

Via imalosthorcrux

From this to that. Exactly one year when I rescued him. He had a lot of medical problems and almost didn’t survive when he had FCV.

He is now a healthy whiny lil baby with a small head.

#33 They are the perfect pair!

Via onlybrand

Rah and Luna, From “Dumpster Kitties to Laying Pretty!”

#34 These two belong together.

Via shinymak

The pirate twins! Glad you adopted them and gave them a chance at a good life. -Dutch VanZandt

#35 He used to be so smol.

Via krgos

My Wickett, first at 3 weeks old when he came in as a foster, then 12 weeks after I adopted, then his first birthday and today at almost 2.

Do you need any more reason to ‘adopt and not shop?’. It’s crazy to think so many people still like to buy a pet when there are so many animals in shelters who just need some love and care. Do you have a pet? If so, did you get them from a shelter? Comment down below and let us know.


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