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50 Parents Who Deserve The Best Mom/Dad Award Of The Year For Making Their Kid’s Day

Parents love their kids unconditionally and they ask for nothing in return but love.

Being a parent is the toughest job indeed but our parents never quit on us. They have done their best to provide us with a good life. Whether it’s raining or shining, they have gone the extra mile just to bring a smile to our faces. They would work extra hours to get us our favorite toy. They would make a fancy cake for us by spending hours even after a hectic day. It is our parents who have taught us the basic life skills and how to e a good person in life. No matter where we are, they always love you and don’t shy away from showing their love for us. Today, we have 50 parents who deserve to be given the best mom/dad of the year award for making their kid’s day. Scroll down and enjoy.


1. She called her dad and left a sweet note after she stopped crying:


2. Three generations feeding their babies:



3. “My husband grew up without a dad. My Dad is taking him on his first father-son camp out today.”



4. When you love your kids despite their choices:



“Army dude came and ordered something “kinda gay” cause his son came out to his mom and was apparently scared his dad was gonna hate him or be mad.

Dude: he’s my boy, I love him. Can you make me something, kinda, you know… Kind of Gay?

Me: I got you…

Parenting level: expert.”

5. When a dad takes his son out for a movie:



That’s a one in a minion dad!

6. “Happy Father’s Day to the man who chose to be my father when he didn’t have to”



Look at the smiles on their faces. Precious!

7. “This is the best day of my life daddy”



8. “When I was two I gave my Dad a stuffed beluga whale to keep in his work bag so that if he ever missed me he could hold it and think of me. 18 years later, my Dad has just informed me he still brings my beluga whale to work with him every day.”



I am in tears.

9. That’s when you know you have married the right person:



10. “Went home for the holidays and my birthday; my dad and I fell asleep. love so much this pic my uncle took of us”



11. “My parents couldn’t afford to buy me a fancy cake this year, so after a long day of work my dad came home and made me one. Lo quiero mucho”


The cake turned out so good. Your dad should open a bakery.

12. Parenting is being done so right:



13. Your dad wanted good luck for you:

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14. When you refuse to hit your kids and be a good parent:



Someone is breaking the toxic parenting practices.

15. When your father is mentally and physically handicapped but no one can beat his love:


16. “My dad suffers from bipolar disorder and depression. He was in bed feeling very ill the other day, but when I asked him to help me measure an apartment I was interested in (he used to be a very good architect) he woke up, got dressed and told me “This is important for you so let’s go”. And he did”



17. The moment you realize you and your daughter look so much like each other:


18. “At the airport tonight and after sitting began to hear the soft sound of reading aloud (with voices!). This man is reading the Lord of the Rings to his children and it reminded me of my mom. I hope to be that kind of parent someday.”



Dads can go to any length to fulfill their kids’ demands.

19. “My mom quilted a portrait of my dog. Dog for reference.”


20. “I’m 22 years old, and I live on my own in a different state, I am fully capable of taking care of myself. But my dad still sends me care packages and buys me snacks. <3 Call your parents and tell them you love them.”



21. When your daughter asks for a Harry Potter themed birthday party for her 8th birthday and you stay up till 3 am to make floating candles for her to have a memorable birthday:


22. “My son’s Young Maleficent costume I’ve been “working on” for two years finally finished by his mom just in time for Halloween.”



23. When your 8yo is obsessed with reading:


24. When your parents try to stay up late to welcome you after a late-night shift:


25. When you have an Asian dad:


Our eyes fill with tears when we see the unconditional love of our parents. No matter how old do they get and how bi do we get, we would always be their little kids and they would always treat us like kids, pack lunch for us, wait for us and try to make us happy. Parents are the best!

26. Raise nice kids.



27. “My niece (6) loves Santa Claus. My Dad (76) loves my niece. Dad’s been growing that beard since May”



28. “My son is upset. I got him a card.”


29. “My Dad is afraid to fly, so when I was 5 yrs old I made him a doll to hold on the plane. Mom just sent me this picture. He is packed to come visit me. The doll is 43 years old!”



30. “Very Proud Parent Moment Here My Young King Graduated Today From Middle School,Off To Highschool He Goes! I Know His Mom Is Looking Down and Is Very Proud Of Him! Big Thanks To His Grand Parents They Play A Big Part! Now I Got To Get Him Thru Highschool, Then The sky’s The Limit.”


31. “My Dad had passed out after taking care of my sick brother all night”


32. “Best way to end decade. My lil dude is officially my son.”



33. Full of love!


34. “My parents made a Renaissance fair for my kids in my back yard because it was canceled this year. We made turkey legs, funnel cakes, bobbed for apples, live music etc. They’re amazing people and even greater grandparents.”


35. Hypothesis needs to be tested:



36. Ordering something from Amazon for your daughter:


37. The best dad!


38. “My dad drives a special needs school bus. And this year he invited all the kids to his house to see Santa Claus. He also purchased gifts for all the kids for Santa to give them. This was the only picture I could get before the water works. I’m 27 years old and my dad is still taking me to school.”



39. Recreating this photo on his daughter’s graduation:


40. Cute!


41. “During Thanksgiving, a family member kept asking where the “cat painting” was. My mom kept playing dumb and I was clueless. I recently got this awesome painting as a present. My mom painted it and dad made the frame. Real pic on left for reference.”



42. “For my birthday this year, my dad commissioned one of the Mandalorian story board artists (who he knows from high school) to draw me as The Mandalorian. This is the Way.”


43. “And the dad of the year award goes to”


44. “I am living abroad and asked my parents to celebrate my dog’s birthday since I am away. My dad texted me this picture titled, “Birthday Party”.”



45. “Last minute my wedding photographer suggested I do first look photos with my Dad. I think his reaction shows how lucky I am to have him as my father.”


46. “My ex wife took my son when he was 3. He’s 8 now. I drove 1200 miles to see him for Thanksgiving and made this. It’s sparse, but I feel more like a dad than I have in years. He said it’s not bad for my first time.”


47. “I told my dad that I bought the game “Risk” and wanted to play it with him. He said he’d never played. I show up to his house and find him with printed out battle plans and map strategies”



48. “My dad (who has no idea how to cook) knew I’d be in meetings all day so he woke up extra early and made me pancakes + coffee. They tasted awful but they were such a wonderful surprise and i love this man.”


49. Cheap kiddie pool:


50. “My Mom made me this Ghostbusters outfit for Halloween out of a Couple of shoe boxes and a vacuum hose. 1980’s”

We love our parents and can’t live without them. May all the parents live happy and healthy lives. Show your love for your parents in the comments section down below!


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