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13 Photos Of Birds And Cats Getting Along And It Is Too Wholesome

Cats are great at hunting birds.

That is usually the way some cats get their daily exercise. Now I am not condoning cats catching these birds and hurting them, but we have to realize that cats are hunters. And that they will enjoy catching their prey. But that is exactly why this is so surprising. Cats and dogs being friends is understandable but cats and birds together? Seems like a recipe for disaster to me. Apparently, none of the following pictures is disastrous at all.


Not only are these kitties perfectly fine with birds riding around on them but some are even snuggling up together. And when I say it is adorable, the word is not even close to what taking a look at these pictures makes one feel. After all, if a hunter and its prey can be friends, why can’t humans get along just like this? We should really learn something from animals as they are much more lovable than any human can ever be.

#1 The kitty is confused but she has the spirit.

Via catasters

#2 The cat clearly doesn’t want to move so that the little birdie isn’t disturbed.

Via Owl_yeet94

#3 They are having a staring competition and the cat is winning.


#4 ‘What am I supposed to do with this colourful floof, hooman?’

Via mundodegato

#5 He is either trying to say hello or very hungry. I choose the former.

Via Imyogesh_inc

#6 The little peck was a surprise attack.

Via hot_stuff_rob

While all of these pictures are adorable, it is recommended that a human keep watch when a bird and a cat are interacting. It is much easier for a kitten and a bird to form a friendship since they are almost the same size. However, a full-grown cat will usually think of a small bird as prey. So while it is possible to get them to like each other, it is not always recommended.

I am not saying you can’t keep a cat and a bird in the same house, as they can co-exist with each other, but we just have to be careful.

#7 Look at these two gorgeous animals getting along.

Via Atarikami

#8 The bird doesn’t want the cat’s head to fall down.

Via Awesome_Baker

#9 Family who eats together lives together.

Via phishing_

#10 They just wanted to sleep together and there was no other way to accomplish that.

Via chopstix007

#11 The kitty did not expect this.

Via jaybiebz

#12 What could be softer than a fluffy cat?

Via aman207

#13 ‘So will you be my friend?’

Via meows_and_chirps

Do you have a bird and a cat living together? If so, how do they interact with each other? Let us know in the comments down below.


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