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Cat Couples That Are Far More Beautiful Than Any Married Couple You Know

Love is a universal thing.

It isn’t an emotion that can only be felt between humans. Love has many forms and the following cat ‘couples’ prove that. While I have always felt envious when I see beautiful wedding pictures. But I feel even more jealous seeing this pure and true love between these cat partners.


From strong bonds between siblings to cats who came upon on each other with pure happenstance, the following couples have everything. And they are not afraid to show with their snuggles and their adorable cuddles. If you are in the mood for something sweet, you can’t find anything more diabetes-inducing than this.

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Facebook

#1 ‘Let me help you, sweety.’

“The couple that grooms together, stays together.”

#2 Napping with your loved one is the best.


#3 The bigger spoon or the smaller one, it doesn’t matter.


“Like any progressive couple, they take turns playing big and little spoon.”

#4 ‘How do I get out of this situation?’


“When you gotta erase your browsing history but you don’t want to disturb boo.”

#5 Nobody can ever top them.


“Their engagement photos > my engagement photos #photogenicAF”

#6 They just can’t let go of each other.


#7 When you get caught holding hands.


#8 Such an aesthetic photograph.


#9 That is quite an ultimatum there.


“Hug me now or lose me forever.”

#10 The cat on the right doesn’t want to share.


#11 The best bromance of the century.

These are my bois, thems always cuddling and kissing.

#12 ‘Give me all the support you can.’


“Sheryl Sandberg? Nah, never heard of her. #leanin”

#13  ‘Let me taste you.’

“Welp, this is my life meow #lovenibble”

#14 ‘Where does one start and the other one ends?’


#15 Bet it tasted the best.

“Their first meal as husband and wife.”

#16 How about both?


“Spouse or fur pillow? It’s hard to tell sometimes.”

#17 When your humans won’t pet you enough.

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