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18 Cat Eating Habits That Are Both Funny And Adorable At The Same Time

Cats like to add their own spin on everything.

There’s a great saying that goes everything is imperfect unless you add a cat to the setting. I made that saying up. Cats are extremely special, there is no doubt about that. They turn everything into something fun and exciting. It’s their hustle for “adventure” that keeps us going and allows us to celebrate wholesomeness, hilariousness, and adorableness all at the same time and to the fullest. And when it comes to being weird, random, and surprising, there is still no competition in those categories either. Cats can be really weird when they want to, like super weird and we will be exploring that side today.

You see, there’s a thing about cats. They love putting their spin on everything they do. Among the biggest possible pile of weirdness that a cat carries, one is that caused by their unique eating habits. Cats can get very random and weird when it comes to eating. That’s the spin I was talking about.

Today, we will be enjoying some hilarious cat eating habits shared by their owners from all over the world. These habits are equally as adorable as they are funny. Get ready for a nice blend of positive emotions.

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1. Snowflakes only enjoys her food when she has dunked both her front paws into the bowl she is eating from.

Via Sonya Vilvens

2. Milo only drinks from a water bowl family have in place for the dog, that is a bit elevated from the ground. He takes a couple of sips, stops confused wondering how is water floating in the air, and then continues.


Via Vanessa Frey

3. He has very specific and high standards for the wet food he eats. If the consistency is wrong, the ratio is wrong, he won’t touch the bowl. And the bowl also has to be placed right next to him, if it is far he won’t be approaching it himself and would starve in protest.


Via Angela Woodson Wells

4. Little Luna always tells her mommy to make her meal and watches every step in the process carefully like Chef Gordon Ramsey. Once the meal is cooked and ready to be served, she just sniffs it, gives her approval, and walks away…to eat it at a later time. Luna does this so she can have food at the ready when she is actually hungry.


Via Margaret Kilmartin

5. every time her parents would settle to eat something, their cat would show up and sniff their food. If she likes it, she would then open her mouth and rub its own head and in case of disliking, it would just walk away.


Via Rose Wargo

6. She only accepts the food if it is frozen to the core.


Via Rose-Marie Grace Vieira

7. When she is in the mod, she would approach mommy as she puts her freshly made mug of coffee down and scoop out some coffee with its paws and drinks it in a very weird way.


Via Kimberly Braddock Johnson

8. Cricket was under a very wrong impression that everything tastes more delicious if eaten the way humans eat it. His owners decided to hit him with the bitter truth by offering some sour cream on a fork.


Via Amy Knox

9. Gordon doesn’t drink water straight out of the bowl like sane cats, he dips his paw in and then licks all the liquid off.


Via Jennifer McHugh Devlin

A perfect blend of hysterics and adorableness, that’s what this compilation is. Cats will never do things the normal way because what’s the fun in that, right? They are just so innocent but they like being called “tough” so let’s keep it that way, but deep down we know the reality.

These owners who are sharing their cute cats’ eating habits literally are the luckiest people on the planet. There is a reason why cats are tied up with dogs as the most adopted animals every year. It’s this uniqueness that only a true cat lover understands. And we never want our felines to change.

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10. Marnie has created a new rule. She gets a treat every time her mother talks to her or looks at her. And she would like them presented to her in her bed.


Via V.J. Allison

11. This adorable cat has left the world. His owner still cherishes how he used to scoop out the kibble with his paws and eat it with his hands, instead of eating it straight out of the bowl.

Via Kerry Armour

12. Sam doesn’t like the sensation of the whole pooping process. He has also figured out that eating is what makes you poop. So Mr. Dummy Dum has decided he won’t be eating ever again.


Via Lorina Atterberry

13. Here’s another Sam who is a big fan of butter. Every time he hears the toaster on the go, he would run to the kitchen. He knows if the bread is toasted, the butter will come out as well. And he only comes in for the butter, the toaster thing is just a cue.

Via Penny Horn Beam

14. The only way to get Peyton to eat is by having someone sit next to her and gives her pets after every other bite.


Via Sarah M Owens

15. When Logan was a little baby, he used to sit in the bowl and then eat the food. 7 years later, he still showcases that habit by putting one paw in the while as he eats.

Via Tonya Mongeau

16. This cat’s favorite food is a vegetable known as “Arugula”. What?


Via Jen McGuire

17. Meet Mango! His favorite food items include peanut butter, lamb, spaghetti, and even the lettuce he saw in the salad his dad was eating the other day. He wants it all.

Via Maria Leontis Baird

18. Meet Luchy. He only drinks fresh cold water and if he ever leaves some food in the bowl after he is done eating, he would try to bury it under carpets and sheets so no one knows he didn’t finish his meal.


Via Casondra Mapplebeck

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Cats will be cats!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for more cat goodness!


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