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50 Best Cat Posts That’ll Make Your Day Purrfect

We owe our kitties a big time for keeping us entertained throughout the year! These silly little creatures are known for being absolute weirdos and yet get all the admiration, that’s probably because they deserve it… These furry friends may seem to be harmless little furballs walking around but they can prove out to be major DRAMA QUEENS/KINGS


You can’t blame them for being so overly dramatic, it’s in their genes. The drama just multiplies once you try to go against the wish of her feline highness. Cats are known for being unpredictable, this also includes how they choose to react to certain situations. You might have noticed how expressive they can be, especially the instances where they choose to give us those stares stating “Hooman, you’re dead”.

They are also known for sitting and resting at the oddest places possible, but they have their cat logic behind that too. Another cat topic that has been flooding the internet lately is how they manage to mimic human-like expressions and the web can’t just stop obsessing over it!

Thanks to these goofy felines for supplying us with constant content to joke around! Let us all take a ride along Meow_IRL  which is a Reddit group dedicated to bring to you the finest furry feline-related content of all time! The best cat memes and jokes you can come across, here test yourself!

1. Did you just call me FAT?

via marcushelbling

I am not fat I am fluffy, okay?

2. The smartest species!

via Ehv360

He knows his tricks

3. How dare you?

via eliterenno

Can’t you see, I was trying to sleep here!

4. Keeping with his responsibilities

via belle_ana

Hurry up human, I have to go back to sleep

5. When one of the twins grows out to be taller

via marcushelbling

Big loaf and a small loaf

6. Early morning realization of it being a vet day

via bedgarter

He’s just so done with these days…

7. Nah man, I have my dudes coming over

via This-is-Peppermint

Me and my dude

8. A casual day at the park

via LuchanoKot

You talk about one black cat crossing your way? How about a family of black cats…

9. Why is this so accurate?

via royrogersmcfreely12

“No way… If divorced men looked even half this cute, I’d leave my husband. :)” – Zophra

10. When a black cat, blackmails you

via cottoncandaddy,

You need to what? I can’t hear you, human

11. What she actually means when says ‘I’ll take that side of the bed’


12. How a feline holds you hostage


Would you rather sit all day or wake up the cat?

13. I found the best lead singer for our band

via marcushelbling

The sweet sound of feline!

14. Cat-er melon

via gibblerin

What they mean when they say you become what you eat.

15. When you’re a Mongol but you still have a soft spot for kitties

via stephenniem


16. When you name her Tuna but doesn’t give her one for dinner

via BacklineNurse,

That hurts…

17. If you made the place dirty, I’ll rip you off

via twerkycat,

Plus why complain when you’re entertained.

18. Stalker

via soul_or_sale

Paid my tuition for majoring in weirdo-logy

19. He sure is pretty comfortable, though!

via maddymelton3,

He probably likes the exclamation mark that forms while hits like this, freedom of expression I must say!

20. When you’re too full to finish the rest of the burger

via poserhontas,

But it’s just so tempting!

21. Can I please weekend for 5 more minutes, please!!

via buttandbrains

“Bloody Hell, I don’t need to be rescued!” – Brian Bennett

22. I have arrived

via Nikachuu

The great savior!

23. You toxic human

via bugfossil

Stop playing your citrus tricks!

24. Wish we could all cat for a few days…

via millavi

You lucky little charm

25. I missed you, dad.

via Available_Subject

Oscar goes to all the cats of the world! *world cheers and applauds*

Thanks to these kitties for being the best actors and their owners for catching them right in the moment! We couldn’t have come up with such accurate and relatable posts if these kitties weren’t this dramatic…

Keep scrolling to see some more of the outstanding performances by the kits and people coming up with perfect captions to describe the situation!

26. I choose to be like that

via luistobe313

first pic: me begging her to let me get up while she sits in my lap

second pic: A dog barking somewhere across the border

27. Meowdy!

via bitterbuffaloheart

28. I thought cats weren’t nocturnal animals

via VirtuousVampyr

I was wrong *cries* I own a bat, not a cat

29. What a player, she is

via Robin-Hoodie,

30. Sharing the ultimate hunts

via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

But the blep though!

31. Country cowboy who recently lost his love

via FillerPaper

“🎶Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeene 🎶” – No you didn’t

32. I want more foooood

via Fanfic_Galore

first pic: when the bowl is full

second full: When the bowl is full with only two grains less

33. The cat cub

via jemm


34. Nobody loves me

via jalyssattb

The usual kitty tantrums…

35. Pathetic

via bowlerhatbear

36. Same catto same!

via NecroHexr

Intact from the inside, broken from the inside…

37. Cat logic number 8754

via Chugalug-house

“Slip, stumble and fall, told you human 4 legs am better than 2!” – Brian Bennett

38. It’s mine now MEOWAHAHAHAHAHA

via Flums666

You evil ball of fur!

39. Plan of action

via This-is-Peppermint

Maybe do all at once?

40. Why didn’t I discover this before?

via photoshoppingstuff

What you lookin’ at human? Don’t you see how hot it is!

41. The world’s ending

via boolinstar

42. I won’t let go!

via vitariesocks

Dis my ball. And imma keep it with me fur-ever

43. I ain’t that fat, you exaggerated human!

via Xsythe

44. sigh

via Nikachuu

Why is this a whole mood?!

45. Best feeling in the world

via cubbish

Leftovers for life!

46. Cats these days…


What have I done hooman?! Just let me have some fun

47. That’s like a cat thing!

via Nikachuu

48. We’re doomed!

via harambe__lover

It was nice living with you, Human

49. When you sleep for 12 hours, but you’re still sleepy

via d4hm3r

All-day, every day

50. Cats and their love for plastic

via prydon

Hilarious!! Weren’t they? Hats off to these dramatic little kitties and their people for capturing these truly amusing moments! Cat lovers, however, deserve no less appreciation for gathering up all relatable cat content around the internet and putting it together to create the most relatable posts possible.

How closely can you relate to these posts? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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