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Wholesome Cat Posts That Will Cheer You Up Instantly

Imagine spending every minute of every day cuddling with your favorite little kitty, showering it with affection, and offering it treats. That is the kind of life we wish to live every single day! Cats are exceedingly cute and lovely, and they deserve to be recognized and acknowledged for the amount of sweetness and pleasant sentiments that they bring into our lives. When it comes to cats, their hoomans often wonder what’s going on inside their fuzzy little skulls. There are countless reasons why we, as cat owners, are infatuated with our feline companions.


If you ask cat lovers why they adore cats, you’re likely to hear a slew of responses. There’s a good chance you’ll be bombarded with adorable cat images and videos. The reason is simple: We love our cats so much that we can’t help but share our affection for them with the world. This is why you’ve come to the perfect site if you’re a cat lover who has been obsessing over cats for some time. We’ve got everything you’re looking for, from cats who are the most bizarre to cats who have been saved. So, take a look at these adorable pictures and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

1. Anti-snuggles cats give the best snuggles!

via u/krygier511

“my cat has always been anti-snuggles but since I’ve had my hysterectomy 4days ago she follows me everywhere and tries to “corral” me back to bed by biting my pant legs and pulling at me. she keeps chirping and meowing at me unless I’m sitting or laying down. is this type of change normal?”

2. That itty bitty paw!!!

via u/Die-Cheese

3. We all love you, Orbie!

via u/greenswivelchair

“there are no words i can put in this title to describe how much i love Orbie”

4. That looks like a little tiger!

via u/Elephunk23

5. Look at those awwdorable button eyes.

via u/StarTrippin

“Female cat suddenly constantly attacking other cats? She has always been kind of grouchy towards them but now will not tolerate the cats she once cuded AT ALL and it’s worrying me.”

6. The kind of life we all want to live!

via u/stabledingus

“I put a sleep tracker on my cat for one day”

7. When in doubt, consult a veterinarian.

via u/RikTehSpik

“One of my cats eye is dilated other is not what should I do?”

8. A warm place filled with food. What else could you want in life?!

via u/mk33hl

“Just took a nap by the fireplace after stealing some smoked meat”

9. A visual representation of what we all look like after work!

via u/Inc_Seppia

10. The cat does not look happy about moving…

via u/kirsty_ca

“Currently moving… couldn’t find my cat and was starting to get worried”

11. That is one adorably photogenic cat!

via u/Fickle_Fox2231

12. This cat looks like it came straight out of a movie!

via reddit

13. Mamma mia!!!

via u/Jukari88

14. Paw-sibly, the best catio!

via u/nalffe

“It wasn’t an easy project, but I did it! They finally have their catio!”

15. Must be in the gym to work on those muscles!

via u/IchibanGinSensei

“The cat I was feeding outside my office everyday followed me all the way to the gym this morning”

16. What a sweet picture!

via u/DoomsdayDebbie

“Last week I trapped (with intent to spay/neuter) an old Tom cat and his 2 girlfriends who were hanging out in my backyard. Now I have 13 cats.”

Cats have a way of getting into our hearts with their wacky antics. If you ask cat owners what they enjoy most about their feline companions, you’ll get an unending variety of responses. Is there a cute kitty in your life that you adore? If you’d want to share something, please do so!


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