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16 Cats Who Got Something Special From Nature And We Are In Love

Did you know; that cats are the only mammals that are unable to taste any kind of sweetness? And that isn’t the only thing that is unique about them.


Cats, having been around for centuries, perhaps even since the start of times, have always been loved and adored. From our fierce favorite roaring cats such as lions, tigers, etc., to our little domesticated cats, no matter what kind, humans cannot help but give it all they have for their cats just to make them happy. Though we do encourage not to keep roaring cats as pets, just admiring them from afar should suffice. However, how can we ever be expected to stay away from our little kitties that have managed to fill our homes with immense love and warmth, not to mention a lot of ‘tude and pizzazz (and they do so, in very less time, almost immediately some would say). 

Something that would act as a cherry on top is when our cats have very unique yet cute physical features. These features help us distinguish them from the rest of the cats. These are just unique markings, though that in itself is astonishing on its own, but also some distinctive physical characteristics. We’re sure you must have already started picturing a cat with unique features in your head.

However, if you’re still confused about what we’re referring to, scroll down and check out these unique cats yourself;

1. At first glance, you may think this is an average cat, but check out the unnaturally long tail

Via © captainwalnut / Reddit

2. This cat with two unique features! The eyes, and the stache.

Via © avidhumidifier / Reddit

“This adorable cat that was just brought into the shelter has one yellow eye and one Sauron eye.”

3. Well, here’s a sight we never thought we’d see

Via © shelbygraces / Twitter

“My cat has lips and it’s freaking me out.”

4. Not sure if this cat just fell into a puddle or has two very opposite parents

Via © Semantiks / Reddit

5. This one knows how to enhance her features!

Via © Maz_original / Reddit

6. Here’s one that really proves that nature likes having some fun sometimes!

Via Instagram

7. Not only does this cat have bushy eyebrows, it also knows how to use them to express their disapproval.

Via © mind-sailor / Reddit

“My friend’s cat has bushy eyebrows.”

8. First of all, check out this really cute cat. Second of all, check out this really cute cat with flamingo eyebrows.

Via © ailes_grises / Reddit

“My cat has flamingos instead of eyebrows.”

After looking at this pictures, or more like examining them, we think its safe to say that nature also loves cats and wants to make sure they are given the most unique features to distinguish them from us mere mortals. As if they weren’t beautiful enough, we’ve got more to adore! Keep scrolling to check out more of these cats in all their glory!

9. Will forever keep wondering how this cat got those eyes.

Via Instagram

10. We’ll give you a minute to spot this cats unique feature;

Via © maisiedaise / Reddit

This one has a sword on its body!

11. Those ears, and then those thumbs.

Via © mrbomax123 / Reddit

“My brother’s cat has thumbs.”

12. You can keep staring into those eyes and never get bored.

Via © Mpoweraz / Reddit

“My cat has the universes for eyes.”

13. Is there a curly cat method this cat follows? If yes, is it safe for humans? Looking for answers, TIA!

Via © tjhan / Reddit

“Curly’s the biggest cat in the house with the softest fur.”

14. I feel oddly compelled to call this cat lord; Lord cat is just sitting there, with its hands neatly folded on top of one another, staring, judging, waiting…

Via © masteraja8890 / Reddit

“Stache has been patiently waiting for me.”

15. As if two eyes were not enough, nature gave this cat four eyes to judge hoomans with.

Via © wtdarn / Reddit

“This cat has fur eyes above its real eyes.”

16. Lastly, the cutest, colorful toe beans!

Via © aruukys / Reddit

“My cat has alternating color toe beans.”

Why do all good things come to an end? Some questions just don’t have an answer. However, we are still happy with what we have just witnessed in this article. And we are sure that you share the same emotions as we do! Not to worry, we shall gather some more of these cats being cute. If you own a cat with unique features gifted by nature, share their picture in the comments section below!


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