Stray Cat Found In Dumpster Has The Saddest Eyes You Will Ever See

Can you be mean to someone who has sad eyes? A bad person can.

No matter how much good we spread in this world, bad people will still exist. These people have no heart and would do the meanest possible thing and wouldn’t even flinch or have a second thought regarding the worst thing they are about to do. These people steal tax money, these people murder other people, these people take part in the most corrupt activities, and these people also go on and abandon pet animals.

Abandoning an animal is the cruelest possible thing you can do to that creature. When an animal gets adopted, it literally gives its lifeline to its owner. It believes it has now arrived where it was always supposed to be and that pet only demands love, affection, and trust. Imagine the day you decided I am going to say “I love you” to the love of my life, and that exact day they dump you. Your trust will shatter into a million pieces and you will never be able to trust anyone ever again. Well, that’s exactly how a pet animal feels when it finally builds up all that trust and confidence in the bond with its owner and when it gets ruthlessly abandoned, it doesn’t know what to do and everything just starts fading away, including hope and motivation to live.

Today’s story is about the world’s most innocent cat ever. And I call it innocent because of the eyes it has. Miami was blessed with the world’s saddest, and most sorrowful eyes one could possibly imagine. Even this innocent girl got abandoned by her ex-owner.

Mami, who has the saddest eyes you will ever see was found abandoned in a garbage dumpster.

About a year ago, a woman came across Mami who was sitting in a dumpster. The fact that Mami was in perfect health shocked the woman even more. On top of that, the sorrowful eyes just restricted her legs and she knew she had to do something and just couldn’t ignore the situation. So the woman called a friend, Sinead Schaefey, who was a die-hard cat lover, and asked what should she do. Sinead asked her to bring the cat over and agreed to take care of Mami.

After arriving at the house, Mami got a nice bath by Sinead, was given some food to enjoy, and then the cat happily went to sleep.


It took some time for Mami to adjust, after all her trust had been shattered into a million pieces. She was extremely shy of contact and would his at Sinead every time she would get close. But Sinead wasn’t the one to give up, she kept putting in effort and patiently worked her way to gain Mami’s trust and confidence but nothing worked.

That is when Sinead and her partner came up with a brilliant idea to give Mami a sibling, and so they adopted another kitten, Morty.


A human-animal bond is very strong. But we cannot even imagine the energy an animal-animal bond exhibits. With the addition of Morty into the family, Sinead and her partner’s plan actually worked. At first, Mami did show some hesitation but she kept observing Morty from afar. Morty would openly show gratitude and love to his new owners and would always be open to sitting with Mami to kick things off. Slowly but eventually, Mamu realized a spark and accepted the idea of a sibling. As soon as Mami lowered those barriers down, in god knows how long, Morty was quick to strike and the two became inseparable within weeks.

Thanks to Morty’s positive energy, Mami started trusting again.


Morty worked as a teacher and helped Mami gain trust and confidence in her new owners as well. Sinead was joyous and really proud of Morty. Morty even taught Mami how to play all his favorite games and also taught her how to ask for food when she is hungry. Mami still has a lot to learn but she has accepted to drop her past and start a new chapter. Mami is happy to be where she is and that is all that matters!

Mami and Morty also have an Instagram account where the two entertain the whole internet. The siblings have over 138,000 followers. Go wish them the best on there as we wish them an amazing future over here too.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for more cat stories.


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