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50 Funniest Posts About Huskies That Prove That They Are Adorable Dorks

Huskies are not easy to take care of.

Even if they look quite majestic, it is very important to keep in mind that this particular breed requires a bit more care than others. Especially the fact that they are not suited for warmer climates while they can thrive in cold weather. However, that doesn’t seem to stop people from adopting huskies left and right. This is understandable seeing that they are a lovable breed and known for getting easily excited.

If that doesn’t sound like the perfect dog, I don’t know what does. If that explanation still hasn’t convinced you to adopt a husky, the following adorable pictures just might be the thing you need. Although, don’t take this as a sign that we encourage people with no proper tools to rescue or adopt a husky. As I mentioned before, it can be quite tiring to spend basically your whole day keeping up with this fluffy cloud of excitement.

You can see what I am talking about by scrolling below.

Source: Reddit

#1 The start of a new week.


#2 Wiping it clean.


#3 Floating head and tail.


#4 Just an accident.


#5 A little play fight.


#6 A gorgeous smile.


#7 He will win one day.

#8 Necessary beauty sleep.


#9 Photogenic huskies.

#10 When you want to test out the leaf blower.


#11 It’s like looking in the mirror.

#12 ‘Are we sure about this hooman?’


#13 Just a regular day.

#14 A surprise pig ear.


#15 Not everyone likes flowers.

#16 Just a lick.


#17 Change is confusing.

#18 Hammocks sure are relaxing.


#19 Perfectly encaptures the difference.

#20 ‘Can you look away?’


#21 Emo phase.

#22 He even brought a flower.


#23 This is many people’s nightmare demon.

#24 Ready for food.


#25 ‘Hello hooman!’

There are a lot of reasons as to why many people absolutely adore huskies. Some of them hardly ever get tired as they are supposed to be runners from the get-go. Not only that, but since they are supposed to originate from Siberia or colder climates, they have a sort of built-in fluffy coat that always keeps them toasty. And they might look like they’ll be great watchdogs. However, contrary to their appearance, they are incredibly friendly. This not only makes them great pets but also not great to keep as a security measure.

#26 Shutting the gate.


#27 Head stuck in a bottle. Need I say more?

#28 Just a quick swim.


#29 Maybe put on a mukbang on TV?

#30 Hoodies are pretty amazing.


#31 A derpy greeting.

#32 Ready for bed.


#33 Only cats can turn into liquid.

#34 Her Majesty requires rest.


#35 Secret escapades.

#36 When your friends come back from a party.


#37 A girl can dream.

#38 Trying to get in.


#39 Looking through the glass.

#40 I can understand why she thinks she is a model.


#41 Helping your best friend.

#42 ‘Need some toilet paper?’

#43 A big sloppy kiss.

#44 I think he is trying to say no.

#45 Weird positions are actually relaxing.

#46 Who is adopted? Not them.

#47 How can one dog make such a mess?

#48 Or the water spirit.

#49 I am so disappointed in you.

#50 Babyproofed doggo.

Do you have a husky? If so, what do you like most about them? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share these adorable pictures with your friends.


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