28 Cat Owners Tell Us Why Their Cats Are Like Children To Them

Cats will never learn to grow up.

Bonding with an animal is something very serious. After an animal adoption, it actually feels like you birthed your own baby, that’s the sensitivity and depth of the both you form with your pets. It is really amazing how quickly the bond develops with the animal and how strong it becomes. According to much research, if we talk specifically about cats, cats after adoption and the formation of the unbreakable bond tend to think of their owners as their actual parents and start behaving accordingly. So basically the cats start behaving like their human children and do things that make them feel like they have actual children in the house, replicating a bond between parents and children, cats love to make life special for everyone.


Let’s enjoy some stories from the cat owners themselves about why they feel like their cats are their own children.

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1. She has shown fully to her owner that she loves sleeping and has been sleeping like a baby ever since adoption. Here’s a picture of the cat sleeping after she gave birth some days ago.

Via Fabian Bautista / Facebook

2. This cute cat was adopted from a shelter after being abandoned twice. She is an 8-year-old biggy who thinks she is not a day older than 1.


Via Marianela Otero / Facebook

3. Meet Sugar. He was a stray and was adopted one day by his superheroes from a very busy street. They took him to the vet, got him checked for any diseases, and adopted him. He is about to turn to a year old and was only 1 and a half months young when they found him.


Via Jose Lojo / Facebook

4. “Her name is Oreo. I rescued her when she was only 3 months old. She’s been with me for 3 years now. She’s my baby and the most spoiled kid in the house. You can always find her by my side.”


Via Sol Cocco Camanzo / Facebook

5. Little Moon looks like the type of cat who never gets bored of playing and doing crazy stuff for fun.


Via Cexy Rocha / Facebook

6. Misha was pregnant and was desperately finding a spot to give birth on a rainy night when her current owners found her and took her in. She has now been spayed and living a very happy life, getting spoiled, with her new family.


Via Aleida Diaz / Facebook

7. Look at this gorgeous cat. Kira is the daughter of a boy who absolutely loves her makes her feel comfortable and at home, and she feels she is the actual child of that boy.


Via Mila Monge / Facebook

8. The cat knows when her parents are about to take pictures of it and she gives them some very unique and special poses every time.


Via Edna Yakelin / Facebook

9. “Donna, my little fighter. My sister rescued her and now she’s always following my mom… She’s as joyful as me, and she gets mad if we don’t give her milk and a treat when we leave the house.”


Via Francisco Moreno / Facebook

10. Nala was rescued during the day there was a hurricane that was about to strike this family’s house. They adopted her and she is now their dog’s best friend.


Via Keisha Zeno / Facebook

11. She is her mother’s perfect baby and would never leave her alone. And that is exactly what her mom loves about her, says it makes her feel lively.

Via Elizabeth Guerrero / Facebook

12. “My Hercules… He had 3 little brothers. His mother had disappeared, so we took them all, but the others didn’t make it. He’s 2 years old now, and he’s very affectionate. We also have a dog, they’re just like brothers.”


Via Inma Moreno / Facebook

13. Meet Yuki. She loves to annoy her parents but that’s what kids do, right?

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Via Jochebed Vera / Facebook

14. Blaze was only adopted a month ago and is already the star of the house, everyone in the family loves him deeply.


Via Letty Badillo / Facebook

Cats are just so wholesome. Whoever says they have a heart made of rock and only do evil things are very wrong. They are very adorable and have all the capabilities and characteristics to be the perfect companion. But for now, we love to see them as babies.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures and stories.

15. Well you can’t expect your kitten not to sleep all the time when you dress it up in such comfortable clothes and hold it in your arms all day.

Via Patty Trillo / Facebook

16. Awe, look at Kisha. By looking at this picture I am sure her parents treat her like she is their biological daughter. So cute.


Via Yolanda Hernandez / Facebook

17. Oh my god, I think everyone can tell this is the coolest member of the house.

Via Michel Samano / Facebook

18. “This black beauty loves keeping me company and he doesn’t take his eyes off me. He asks me to pet him all the time and starts crying like a baby if I don’t.”


Via Elsa Gavilla / Facebook

19. Snowflakes is one spoiled cat and we all can tell by the way it is dressed.

Via Augusta Alvarez / Facebook

20. Meet Maia. She always comes up to this person every time they come back home from work and meows at them which makes them feel like it had been patiently waiting for them all day long.


Via Diego Llanos / Facebook

21. “Apparently, he likes drinking water from the glass.”

Via Angie Massas / Facebook

22. “My little boy’s watching TV.”


Via Johis Herrera / Facebook

23. “My Coco is like a son to me. He sleeps in my bed. I took him from the street when he was just a baby. He’ll turn 6 in May.”

Via Piti Cabrera / Facebook

24. Nothing says “pure love” than this picture.

Via Amalia Diaz / Facebook

25. “Someone likes watching TV.”

Via Elsy Sanchez / Facebook

26. “My mom is hugging my little Gunther. He doesn’t like it at all.”


Via A Lucy Nógeno / Facebook

27. “I had never had cats before, but my daughter wanted one, and they are so cute. To me, he behaves just like a person.”


Via Marisabel Gonzalez / Facebook

28. “This is Marcus, our feline son. We love him.”

Via Don Gato / Facebook

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