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40 Times Cats Said A Firm ‘No’ To Their Clingy Humans

We love to show affection towards our pets.

After all, the usual reason for one getting a pet is because they want to cuddle and not feel so lonely. However, if we think of a cat as a human for a second, just imagine how annoyed someone would get with constant kisses and hugs. It might be the way humans show love but is it the same for cats? Actually, no. So when cats stop you from touching them, it isn’t because they hate you or something preposterous like that.


At the end of the day, it just gets tiring for them. Cats are independent creatures and like to be left alone most of the time unless they are hungry and need food. It is just how they are. While many cats always like head scratches, every kitty is different and thus we have to cater to their needs according to what they want. After all, we wouldn’t want to be bad butlers and annoy our true masters, would we?

As you can see, these humans didn’t heed the warning and went in for a hug anyway. As it is clear below, the cats weren’t having any of it.

#1 I need to flee right now.


#2 The hand on the door frame says it all.

Via eab0036

#3 Just a simple no.

Via KWG89

#4 Some cats just don’t like to take selfies.

Via Laenaya90

#5 How do I call 911?

Via killerbunnyfamily

#6 A cheeky bite will make you run away.

Via Kurpoo

#7 This is my photo.

Via drlazaris_vet

#8 Do I have to?

Via jacobthompson1

#9 That is what you get for grabbing me.

Via LosButtman

#10 This grumpy fella is giving everyone the silent treatment.

Via enzopants

#11 Let me go you monster!

Via Fireboss76

#12 How do I get out of this?

Via JordanDryce

#13 I am the star here.

Via chloe_mae_wells

#14 Let me rest.

Via halfwaysian

#15 Is this supposed to be fun?

Via jamespucos

#16 This is a serious warning.

Via helenadelama

#17 What is happening?

Via heatherlcondo

#18 One more proof of how cats are liquid.

Via Bopeepandsheep

#19 I sort of feel sorry for this guy.

Via skirt_oh_skirt,skirt_oh_skirt

#20 Her fangs are already on show.

Via radicalgrandpa

Funnily enough, the reason cats don’t like hugs or cuddles is that while they enjoy being high up in the air, most cats want to jump up by themselves to reach the highest place. And thus when we pick up a cat to cuddle with them, we are sort of being disrespectful which is certainly a very interesting insight into cat behaviors. However, with time you can train them to love hugs and cuddles.

So at the end of the day, it just depends upon you.

#21 Not in love with Santa.

Via iki0o

#22 Just a little boop on the nose.

Via lokitheneko

#23 I’ll give you a brow lift.

#24 How did my life turn into this?

Via Ruas_Onid

#25 Will you stop already?

Via Killjoytshirts

#26 This is your last warning human.

Via chatoule_et_chatons

#27 Egyptians used to worship me now here I am.

Via clivetheskinfant

#28 Is this camera on?

Via missluna_tabby

#29 I will suck your blood.

Via eknkc

#30 I am not meant to be in so much snow.

Via hanahliah

#31 You want scratches?

Via celestiala

#32 Take this stupid bow tie off.

Via iggy-k

#33 I don’t know you.

Via fightingitalian

#34 It’s just the foot for now.

Via sonny_cat_hk

#35 This kitty is trying her best to stay away.

Via globue

#36 Am I supposed to like this head massage?

Via catslave_diary

#37 Let me see what is outside.

Via louieberto

#38 Go find your own sunspot.


#39 Is that a smirk?

Via leisurelylucky

#40 This cat just seems done with it all.

Via blakkathecat

Does your cat like cuddles or do they prefer to be left alone? Let us know in the comments below.


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