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50 Kitten Vs Cat Glow-ups That Are Too Adorable

Time flies by quite fast.

We always like to throw around this saying as sometimes it feels like years pass by in a blur and you are still standing exactly where you started. However, this is especially true for cats, as animals have a different perception of time than us because they do not live as long as humans do. When we adopt or rescue an animal, we know that time is fleeting and one day they will be gone.


I suppose that is exactly what makes the years so enjoyable. But today we are here to celebrate the change that comes with growing up. These kittens had beautiful transformations and I can hardly believe that all of these kitties grew up to be so majestic. From long furry tails to chonky fur, no one could have imagined this. As many of these kittens are rescues, their health wasn’t in the best shape when they started but thankfully all of them ended up healthy and living a full life.

And you can see those transformations for yourself by scrolling below.

#1 Nimbus sure has changed a lot.

Via 211av8r

#2 A beautiful chimera cat.


via beroemd

#3 Malnourished to majestic.


Via Luciphyr729

#4 Two furry babies.

Via RedArremerAce

#5 Loki looks exactly like a puma.

Via lbcdm

#6 Still as close as ever.


#7 The bowtie just adds that extra something.

Via olivealexander

He was infested with fleas, anemic, and starving. One look at his little face and I knew had to adopt him. Fast forward 5 years, he’s now a confident, happy, healthy boi with a career in modeling.

#8 Two new friends.

Via 0LoveRainbow0

#9 He may be toothless but he is still a beauty.

Via KittyNouveau

#10 The family of cats.

Via cinephile46

#11 Are we sure this is even a cat?

Via Weronika9

#12 He sure is grumpy because of the picture.

Via tgalen

#13 The circle of life continues.

Via jeffreybbbbbbbb

#14 He only got cuter.

Via kataani

#15 They grew up so much in only six months.

Via trixie_pixie_dust

#16 This cat sure loves her grandma.

Via CeeDot85

#17 Maybe they put the cat bed in the dryer for too long?

Via FickleFern

#18 The tail might be bigger than the cat.

Via hellonheelz

#19 These twins can certainly hear each other’s thoughts.

Via 9999monkeys

#20 We require a bigger couch now.

Via jenpriester

#21 Winter is coming and he is ready.

Via sampycat

#22 The smile on the face says it all.

Via M1ssMoon

#23 Are all those gifts for him?

Via PakistaniFalooda

#24 That is one big cat beard.

Via slariet

#25 He is helping her work.

Via DD1234567

#26 These two were meant to be together.

Via croutelle

It seems most small animals mature pretty quickly. It is probably because an animal needs to be ready to take care of their newer young ones. And if the previous litter is still feeding, the mother cat won’t be able to take care of her next litter. This may sound weird but that is just how it works. However, this also means we never have enough time with our lovely pets. As cats and dogs usually mature within a year and live much fewer years than an average human.

#27 He might have been a micro kitten but not anymore!

Via mrszubris

#28 Still loves that spot, I see.

Via alrightmousey

#29 The grin on his face never changed.

via timelady84

#30 From the look in his eyes, he is begging for treats.

Via Ryushindo

#31 That is the look of excitement.

Via TeddyRose13

#32 That is still his favorite area to sleep on.

Via snerdie

#33 He still sorts of fits, so he sits.

Via cute-newt

#34 Just a ball of cloud now.

Via Morana_Saracevic

#35 Brushing him must take ages.

Via good-eye-mite

#36 She is annoyed at her hooman.

Via Phizzwizard

#37 Perfectly captured the change.

Via raeco23

#38 This white floof ball is all grown up now.

Via alinaesther

#39 Found under the house, now kings of the house.

Via RedArremerAce

#40 He has gotten tired of all the hugs in those 20 years.

Via KittyRamPaige

#41 Keeping one’s neck warm.

Via summerjane18

#42 Still his favorite toy to play around with.

Via gmcharlt

#43 Some things just never change.

Via meowpal33

#44 The facial expression never changed.

Via ThereIs0nly0ne

#45 He probably wants attention from his hooman.

Via Innerquestion

#46 What a difference 6 months can make.

Via ig_gnome_inious

#47 Ziggy and Marcel are tighter than ever.

Via atlanta_clause

#48 The son has surpassed the mother in size.

Via OyabunRyo

#49 He still has a lot of growing to do.

Via Evil__eye737

#50 It seems he likes looking out the window.

Via umihu

Which one of these transformations surprised you the most? Comment down below and let us know.


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