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30 Pictures Of Cats Being Weirdos That Will Make You Love Them Even More

Cats are amazing creatures.

Even those who are not big fans of cats can admit this. I mean they can go from cuddling with you to scratching every uncovered part of your skin. Their moods are often hard to decipher but that is exactly what makes having a cat so rewarding. Because you know when a cat comes to you or sleeps with their belly exposes that they love you unconditionally and that is the happiest feeling in the world.


And while everyone likes to say that cats are graceful creatures, there are many times that they seem alien to even the people who have kept a cat their whole life. They will manage to surprise you when you least expect it. And that is exactly what we have for you today, cats doing weird things or simply being adorable. If you just want to get your daily dose of cat pictures, you have come to the right place. So just scroll below to take a look.

#1 The cat is not too happy with her toy being taken away.

Via atomic-love

#2 The mother cat is tired of her baby’s antics.

Via Maahee_2

#3 When you sneeze.

Via Saint__Bartholomew

#4 When you take too much catnip.

Via addanow

#5 ‘This is my bread, get your own.’

Via BoopBoop20

#6 ‘Hear me roar!’


#7 I have no idea what is happening in this picture.

Via Boojibs

#8 ‘If I fits, I sits. Thems the rules!’

Via JohnNova85

#9 This kitty found the perfect spot to take a nap.

Via raijin90

#10 ‘If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.’

Via Faiiven

#11 No need for a hole puncher When you have a cat.

Via pasjojo

#12 I am not sure if that position is very comfortable.

Via Bonboniru

#13 Bella Porch has nothing on this cat.

Via Slow-moving-sloth

#14 ‘Can you turn on the fire, hooman?’

Via WaddlingKereru

#15 An adorable blep to make your day.


If I didn’t know any better, I would say cats are actually aliens that have come to this world to enslave us all. I mean if this theory is actually correct, then they are doing a great job. And if it is not, cats might still overthrow us someday. Why would they after all? We would happily serve them without an issue. And a cat might be better than our current leaders anyway.

#16 The kitty just needed to rest her head.

Via Louis83

#17 ‘They never told me being a parent would be this hard.’

Via Arguablecoyote

#18 When you are too drunk to lie properly.

Via nnylannaira

#19 ‘What is that hooman?’

Via airbud3000

#20 We all fall into a food coma now and again.

Via br3a1

#21 ‘I will not let you leave!’

Via dphnlsrs

#22 How do I take care of so many kids?’


#23 This kitty needs to be reset.

Via purplesheep19

#24 What is this cat doing? Nobody knows.

Via pinknebu7a

#25 The moment you know you are going down.

Via inescdfernandes

#26 ‘Have I really gotten fat?’

Via raijin90

#27 I can only hope that these are two cats.

Via ToshaSalad69

#28 This is Taylor and the other cat is not amused.

Via ahdeedahz

#29 ‘This is not what I was expecting would happen.’

Via SanthoshPSK

#30 He is just in his corner of shame.

Via valdelaseras

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