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22 Pictures Proving That Cats Can Walk Wherever They Like

There are these furry little creatures with whiskers who are pretty peculiar in nature. Yes! You guessed it right, we’re talking about cats. Their funny yet strange behaviors are what make our days brighter and our nights warmer. They may act oddly at times but mostly, it’s funny. They are a wholesome pack of energy and entertainment.


Among other habits, cats love sleeping a lot like – when we say a lot it means A LOT. Almost 16 hours a day or more. Although cats aren’t really considered to be nocturnal animals yet they have been found to be more active during the night than in the day. Coming down to the spaces they choose to sleep in, don’t even get me started over it!

These sleepy heads nap in the strangest places you can think of! Here’s a proof, when it comes to sleep you can’t beat a cat. They can sleep anywhere and everywhere even in the oddest places which appear to be pretty uncomfortable; but if you ask a cat there wouldn’t be a better place to be in other than the one, she chose to sleep in.

1. “He always sleeps on this fence.”

via © DD1234567 / Imgur

What a perfect spot!

2. “He didn’t even care, he stayed asleep the whole time.”

via © fandomgal17 / Reddit

Might have been pretty exhausted.

3. “No matter how big she gets, she refuses to use another box.”

via © munchlaxsleeps / Reddit

Somethings are hard to let go off

4. Horse that had a cat hat

via © GohansDadPiccolo / Imgur

She likes it up there.

5. “My new mask covers the nose so well, I can hardly breathe!”

via © knotjust / Reddit

Safety first!

6. Richie kit, not Richie rich

via © umutk / Reddit

7. “This is my chin-up bar now.”

via © skipkrik / Reddit

With the furry chin on

8. “They’ve found the perfect ’judge you from afar’ position.”

via © Squeakies / Reddit

The view must be pretty good from up there…

9. Well, that’s an actual comfy spot!

via © julhak / Reddit

The deeper the sleep, the comfier the spot

10. “My cat: ’Screw your personal space.’”

via © Bite_The_Wax_Tadpole / Reddit

Together furever, and wherever too!

11. “Whatever you do, do not water this plant.”

via © Bluffss / Reddit

This plant only blooms at night

If you have anything that is crampy and deep around the house, it can become the cat’s bed anytime soon. They love fitting into small spaces and sleeping there, kitties find this practice pretty convenient. It’s part of their natural instincts. Make sure to scroll till the end to see how goofy and silly felines can be when it comes to the choice of sleeping spaces.

12. “I started unpacking my suitcase, went and made a coffee, and came back to find this!”

via © wildmoonchild40 / Reddit

My travel partner

13. “3 luxury cat beds, one teepee with a fleece blanket, and multiple special sleeping arrangements, but Roy will only sleep here.”

via © lucy_1812 / Reddit
Advertisement by UDM

Them and their love for plastic bags…

14. “Auto-cat-pilot”

via © arthik / Pikabu

15. Tech-cat

via © Azul_the_Cat / Reddit

The cat of the future.

16. “My cat Messi sleeps like this. I think he’s broken.”

via © fcb3323 / Reddit

or maybe he’s born with that flexibility

17. “She’s not allowed on the kitchen counter, but I guess she found a loophole.”

via © Ev3-G / Reddit

Well, you did just mentioned the counter nothing else.

18. “Why all the toys when you have me?”

via © ItsPamFromTheOffice / Reddit

19. “We took out this shelf from our mini-fridge to save room and my cat loves lying in it‬.”

via © LuckySunday / Reddit

Cool and crisp!

20. A new addition to the gym ware

via © LuckySunday / Reddit

21. “No more bread for today.”

via © CatMomwithKids / Reddit

Only purrs and meows

22. “Nothing special, she’s just enjoying a nice bubble bath, as cats do…”

via © ahsokathecat / Reddit

Bathing hacks…

If you’ve looked around everywhere for your cat and can’t really find it, make sure to look into the tiniest spaces around the house and you’ll find your kitty splooting there somewhere. Attention cat lovers, all the boxes, baskets, bowls, and what not… Nothing is safe from the remains of fur after your cat’s done napping there, so beware.

What’s your cat’s favorite napping spot? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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