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17 People That Own More Than One Cat And Now They’re Dealing With The Consequences

People would give you a hundred reasons, why having two cats is better than one. But they sure don’t caution you about the crazy drama that’ll be going around the house 24/7. Having two kittos means double the trouble! Whatsoever, they still will always be our sweethearts… Two kitties will keep each other entertained and wouldn’t feel lonely, unlike a single loner kitty. But two feline minds working over forming a scheme can surely be a test of your patience. Cats who have partners at home are more social and playful, which means a boosted dose of cuddles and love.


Some cats get along well with each other, while others might give you a hard time when kept together. Make sure you’re having the right breeds which can be kept together at home. Some cats are more social than others, so they might feel as if the other cat member of the family is invading their personal space. This doesn’t necessarily always happen. But according to the researches, having two cats does have their benefits as well.

However, having more than one cat also means more hungry stares while you sit back and enjoy your pizza. Nothing beats the fun you’re going to have, with more cats around! Here are some cat parents explaining their bittersweet experiences of having more than one cat at home and it’s just hilarious!

1. “Cute when he was little. Not so funny now…”

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Just needed some extra support for reaching out the jar…

2. “They really like this foam thing that came as protective packaging in a box.”

via © JJwuds / Reddit

Boxes and anything which resembles a box is their favorite!

3. This is my pasta, do you understand?

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Can we have some?

4. Ready to travel the world

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Those mischievous eyes though!

5. The struggle is real

via © lazytothebones / Reddit

“3 cats plus 33 roses for our anniversary requires a giant glass box to protect them all.”

6. They just need something to destroy all the time

via © Cat-fuzz / Reddit

“They had food in their dish, they just wanted to destroy this.”

7. *Sigh of relief*

via © SligPants / Reddit

Won’t last long, Meowahahahahahaha…

8. “No food for you!”


Hey, human where’s our Pizza?

9. They own the house, including me

via © ParisZarcilla / Twitter

“My cats were kind enough to let me put some of my stuff in their new cat home.”

There’s nothing known as privacy when you have cats around. They would follow you around the house almost all the time, they’re very curious animals. They’ll even follow you to the toilet, sit there, staring into your soul and judge you for pooping even. *evil meow laughs*.

Everything you own is naturally in their ownership, picture 9 is a shred of good evidence. Make sure you scroll down till the end to make a clear decision whether or not you’re up for another kitty… On the other hand, the dog member of the family will also have multiple playmates, so will the kids! Where there are a few cons of having multiple cats at home, there sure are a lot of pros!

For instance, if you have two cats, it will keep them more mentally stimulated. A lonely cat is more likely to cause trouble without even realizing it. A lonely cat can get extremely bored which leads to them scratching your furniture, couches and ruining many other things. However, if it has a playmate, they both will be mentally stimulating each other by inventing new kinds of games, chatting with one another, and keeping themselves challenged while you’re not around in the house to play with them.

Also, they can help groom each other. Now, don’t get us wrong, cats love grooming themselves and keeping themselves tidy but if there are two, the efforts will double up. They are likely to groom each other while cleaning out the areas which a single cat can neglect during it’s grooming sessions. Anyways, let’s continue with the remaining pictures now, shall we?

10. Do they regret anything they do?

via © thisissoannoying2306 / Reddit

“My cats destroyed the spice rack when I was at work. Then played with the debris. I have spices and shards everywhere in the apartment. Now they want to be fed. Like, NOW.”

11. Yeah, it’s right there

via © willmenaker / Twitter

“My cats both staring at a totally blank ceiling for the last 5 minutes got me believing in ghosts.”

12.  Hurry up human, you need to feed us too

via © P***emastergeneral / Reddit

“One of them just peed on the carpet by the door, I have visitors tomorrow so I am scrubbing it. They came to watch me work.”

13. Clearly not impressed by your choice

via © blacktokyo27 / Reddit

“My 2 recently adopted cats judging me relentlessly while I try on new clothes.”

14. They have this bizarre affair with boxes and tissue rolls

via © happy4319 / Reddit

“Like they don’t have anything else to scratch”

15. My cats have been on a vegetarian diet lately

via © LittleBirdLittleCat / Reddit

“No chance of eating a pear in peace in this house.”

16. It’s time

via © Hobbikats / Twitter

Time for those warm fuzzy cuddles

17. Double trouble

via © shlem18 / Reddit

“Got 2 kittens because we heard they were less destructive when they have a friend. My poor succulent now knows otherwise…”

While you’re away at work or have dinner plans till late at night with your friends, these furry babies might get anxious being alone at home. Whereas having two or more cats would automatically give an emotional cushion to each of the cats no matter how long do you have to stay out due to commitments.

Jokes apart, you’ll do your cat a favor if you bring another feline mate home. They’ll make memories and spend quality time together, which naturally elongates life span and keeps them healthy as cats are very much prone to anxiety and its associated problems. BUT it’s an important responsibility when it comes to adopting another cat as well and we will say it again, finding the right match for your feline is critical. The best way to find this out is visiting a shelter with your cat and see how it interacts with other cats. If it’s inclined more towards a specific cat, this could be a good sign of their compatibility which can be taken into consideration.

Anyways, lastly we’d love to know how many felines do you have at home and of what breeds? Also how do you cope up with the double trouble? Do let us know in the comments below!


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