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Malcolm The Cat Is Trying To Cope With New Puppy & It’s Hilarious

Quarantine is bringing out the worst in all of us.

Especially Malcolm the cat. You’d think he’d be happy to have a new friend while he is stuck at home. But that couldn’t be far from the truth. In actuality, he wants nothing to do with the new baby doggo.


That may seem like a harsh thing to say but in reality, it is hilarious. Because the new doggo is trying his best to annoy Malcolm the cat, however unsuspecting he may be.

If you want to know the reason behind the dislike, it’s probably because Malcolm could hoard all his parent’s attention, be lazy and sunbathe in the sun. However, with a new ‘individual’ he has had to change some of his routines. And let me tell you he does not like change.

So scroll on below and take a look at some of the most adorable tweets showcasing Malcolm trying his best to be ‘friendly’ with the new dog.

#1 He looks like he is on strike till he gets his way.

#2 Malcolm is not really impressed with the ‘house’ for the new dog.

#3 He is just too much for Malcolm to handle.

#4 Baby dog will probably learn not to do that……. in a few years.

#5 Meditation is not going well and Malcolm is seething with annoyance.

#6 It is just like having a sibling when you want nothing to do with them.

#7 Just let Malcolm rest in peace.

#8 He probably wants to get on the iconic trampoline.

#9 Malcolm is letting the doggo walk all over him.

#10 Babydog.exe has stopped working.

#11 He is just too energized for Malcolm’s taste.

#12 Although Malcolm probably wanted to piggyback on him.

#13 He is tired of looking at it from afar.

#14 The trampoline has become the center of attention between these two creatures.

#15 Malcolm has found the best way to deal with him. Ignore him.

Do you have lots of different species? If so how did they behave when they met each other? Did they become friends in an instant? Or did it took a while? Comment down below and let us know.

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