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21 Cats That Have Their Own Definition Of Logic And We Can Never Understand Them

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At times, we can’t comprehend what our animals are thinking. We don’t understand what they are trying to do. These innocent buddies are at times unable to express their feelings, desires, or wants, maybe because they are just being themselves living with their own logic. A logic, that is out of this world, and even scientists are struggling to understand.


If you have a pet, you may be familiar with the logic we’re referring to. Whether it’s a cat resting on a fence, a kitten sipping from the bird’s bowl, or two doggos sleeping in the same bed despite having different beds, their reasoning is illogical. Anyway, these creatures are just perfect and don’t care about anyone; they simply live the moment as they like. They don’t care what other people think of them.

So, we’ve gathered some hilarious logic from these creatures, and to be honest, we have no idea what they were thinking while behaving so weirdly. So, keep scrolling to see these lovely animals with their own reasoning!

1. Just pretending to be a bat!

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“That’s my swing!”

2. Walking upside down is fun…

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“Oh, it seems I’m stuck.”

3. When your parents are leaving without you.

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4. When you both are of different personalities.

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“Can you at least pretend to be normal?”

5. No regrets…

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“Her annual Christmas ritual”

6. Take me out from here, hooman.

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7. Baby’s yoga and his instructor.

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“My son and my cat have a weird relationship.”

8. Why do cats enjoy sitting in unusual places?

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9. Some fence-y sleep!

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“He’s always sleeping on the fence.”

10. Say 100 times: “I can do it”

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“Who’s beautiful? I’m beautiful!”

11. This kitty is helping his owner in taking a hot shower!

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“Hey, what are you doing? Taking a shower? That’s cool. I’ll just hang out here.”

What is the definition of logic? It is the thing that these animals are completely unfamiliar with. They do what they enjoy doing, whether it’s staring at themselves in the mirror for hours without a cause or sleeping in weird places, and they’re simply being jerks at times.  Another name for these critters should be a JERK! No?

12. Hold your breath, and stretch like this.

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“I will teach you non-standard ways to use a scratching post.”

13. Sharing is caring!

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14. Didn’t this cat faint???

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“This is how my cat sleeps.”

15. This cat is adding some extra toppings to this pizza.

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16. No, that’s not how you’re going to play with this.

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“Just bought a new game for our cat Thomas, but I think he’s playing it wrong…”

17. Hey, there!

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“Hee hee, no one will find me.”

18. Boris and his new house!

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“My friend built a house for his cat…”

19. Snuggle buddies!

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“What are these 2 empty beds here for?”

20. Here’s an adorable neck warmer!

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“I can be a cat, I can be a scarf.”

21. But, this doesn’t taste like birds!

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“He’s got a full bowl of water inside.”

Do you own a pet who is living with its own logic that you can’t understand?  If yes, then don’t forget to share their logic with us in the comments area below!


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