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17 Pictures Of Pet Growing So Fast Which Shows Time Really Does Fly

Watching your baby grow up is very emotional.

Happy memories never fade away, anything similar that happens around us reminds us of those happy memories and it makes our day so much better. One very happy memory for any parent is to watch their kid for the first time as they enter this world. One can not explain or describe the emotions that they feel at that time. And same is the case when a person goes on to adopt a pet animal. That feeling of love, at first sight, is exactly like having a baby. You adopt them as their tinniest, innocent, and cutest selves. And then every special moment becomes a memory to cherish. When they slowly start trusting you, their cute high pitch voice, them wanting snuggles, the list goes on and on.


One emotional memory about pet animals is related to their growth. They grow up so quickly. You never even realize you have spent so many years with them. It really feels like you just blinked and your pet animal grew up so big. Wow, I am kinda tearing up.

Let’s see if these before and after images of pet animals trigger your tear glands.

Scroll down below for some adorable transitions!

1. “Almost a year together and Mojo is NOT impressed that his desk drawer has shrunk so much.”

My mother always used to say “Your clothes have shrunk.” and never “You have grown taller and bigger.” I still don’t know why.

Via RiaB1998 / Reddit

2. “Still making sure you are safe from the water.”

Some habits don’t change.


Via meganisawesome42 / Reddit

3. “Harley at 9 weeks vs 1 year and 1 month.”


Via 40ozhound / Reddit

4. “One small step for the dog, one giant step for puppykind!”


Via Adelarosa92 / Reddit

5. “Morty Moose has always loved showing off his belly. 8 weeks to 4.5 years!”

Morty is most probably in touch with a fashion artist. They always tell you to present your best features.


Via bbrynna / Reddit

6. “We’ve bought him several bigger beds, but this one is still his favorite.”


Via _sch / Reddit

7. “Cherry at 9 weeks and 1 year old.”


Via itshdgilbert / Reddit

8. “13 weeks to 11 months.”

That feels kinda hard to believe.


Via Anne_of_Avonlea- / Reddit

Anyone who says they are not crying is clearly lying. How could you not cry at these images. I mean, it isn’t a sad cry, obviously. But man, the emotions are really running wild right now. I love animals and I wish them the absolute best in their lives. It’s really hard to believe how much they grow in so little time. Seems like I am in love with pet animals all over again. They deserve nothing but unconditional love and undying affection. Period!

Let’s take a look at some more before and after pictures of pet animals.

9. “Jonesy at about 10 weeks old vs Jonesy at almost 1 year old.”

From a tiny boi to one of the biggest floofs on the Earth.


Via handsomesharkman / Reddit

10. “Some things never change.”

Aww, who is cutting onions here?


Via Soyfree2Bea / Reddit

11. “in the same nap spot. 2 months to 1 year.”

It takes years to get comfortable with a new nap spot.

Via Remarkable_Assistant / Reddit

12. “From 8 weeks old to 2 years! Here’s my pretty Aussie girl, Ripley.”


Via Karvaos / Reddit

13. “Doodles, 9 weeks to 5 years. Once a shoulder kitty, always a shoulder kitty.”


Via keschaller89 / Reddit

14. “Mithy from 4 months old to 3 years old. She still likes napping on Dad.”


Via swilmi / Reddit

15. “Mathers, from 7 weeks to 7 months.”

You may need to install bigger stairs because that habit ain’t going anywhere.

Via YungScoobs / Reddit

16. “1.5 months to 10 months.” Woah, I can’t believe my eyes right now!


Via Damiixq / Reddit

17. “From 8-week-old rescues to healthy 8-month-olds! They’re still best friends.”

If they truly are your best friend, they will stay by your side till the end of time.

Via reader103 / Reddit

Wow, what an emotional roller coaster this was. I felt all sorts of emotions. From happiness to crying, it was all blended in there. I really hope you guys had a nice time viewing these animal journeys. So much must’ve happened during these transitions. But one must always cherish the positive memories and take lessons from the negative memories.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. If any reader here is a pet owner, do share with us how long has it been with your baby and the experience you’ve had with it.


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