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Man Takes His Husky On A Breathtaking Adventure

We all love our dogs and enjoy taking a lot of photos as best as we can. Well, some of them turn out to be pretty Instagram-able and others just stay there in our gallery or make their way to that little trash can icon on our phones and computers. Dogs are generally pretty photogenic, all it takes is the right camera and angle to make those photos more magical. After hitting the internet, some photos are lucky enough to go viral all over the internet and receive thousands and millions of likes, comments and shares. This not only boosts the the confidence of the dog owner but also motivates them to take more amazing photos of their dog and post them online.


We know a lot of people that have gained immense fame overnight due to their content going viral. Today, we are going to introduce you to a handsome wolfdog named Loki that you might have seen somewhere on the internet before or maybe even on a dog food commercial. Yes, he’s popular. This adorable doggo rose to fame for his adventures with his human Kelly Lund back in the year 2012. Today, Loki has 2 million Instagram followers with over 1800 photos and videos on his verified Instagram account. Kelly Lund, the owner of Loki is based in Denver and has quit his job and now is a full time social media manager for his doggo, his best friend—Loki. They both go on exciting adventures and take photos and post them online for all of us to enjoy. Here are 22 photos and videos of Loki and Kelly having a great time on amazing adventures. Scroll down and check them out.

More Info: Loki | Kelly Lund

Loki and Kelly make an amazing dog and man duo.

Loki enjoying the aesthetics of a setting sun from the top of a mountain.

Dog enjoying the view from a hill top

After all the adventures and usual doggo shenanigans, Loki is fast asleep in his sleeping bag.

Dog in sleeping bag

Naps are good. They help us recharge for greater adventures.

Dog napping

Just another photo of the handsome sleepy doggo under the light of a thousand stars.

Dog sleeping under the open sky

Loki seems pretty pleased by the view.

Happy dog posing

Soon after going viral back in the year 2012, many different companies started reaching out to Kelly. They wanted to shoot with Loki for their products. In the year 2015, a local pet food brand called “I and Love and You” offered all the food Loki likes in exchange of occasional photo shoot for their social media posts. Not only that, “Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co.” partnered with Kelly and Loki for their pet adoption campaign. They also launched a Loki calendar. 30 year old Kelly Lund, gave up his perfectly good day job and started working with his best buddy, Loki as his social media manager. Here’s what Lund said about his sweet buddy.

 “Loki’s an animal that can tell what you’re thinking and knows how you’re feeling, You have to be able to do the same for him.”

Loki enjoying some quality time with friends over a cup of coffee.

Dogs enjoying coffee

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Dog in his camp

Good Day for a good photo.

Dog posing on a trip

“Everything looks so tiny from up here.”

Dog on the hill top

Loki enjoying the indescribable beauty of a sky full of clouds.

Dog standing on the roof top

Nothing’s like a muddy car ride with friends.

Dogs enjoying a car ride

A camping trip with best friends.

A group of friends with their dogs

It’s time to act a little goofy.

Dog acting goofy

Loki being playful.

Man and his playful dog

“Do you smell that too? I smell some snowy adventure here.”

Adventurous dog in snow

Everybody loves Loki.

Kid posing with a dog

Just silently enjoying a delightful view with best friend.

Man enjoying the view with his dog

“You’re such a good hooman!”

Dog licking it's owner's face

“Pick me up hooman, I’m tired.”

Man holding his dog

Nap time cuddles.

Man and his dog napping together

“No, it’s not mud. It’s caramel syrup.”

Husky with mud on the nose.

Rise and shine!

Husk Enjoying morning sunlight

WOW! What an adventurous soul! Honestly, seeing Loki exploring different places and having all that fun, makes us wanna pack our bags and go on an epic camping adventure with our dogs. These two are seriously goals. What do you guys think? Have you ever gone camping with your canine? Let us know in the comments below. Do share this with other dog owners to for some adventurous photo shoot ideas with their dogs.


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