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Hilarious Pics Of Cats Follow Their Owners To The Bathroom To Protect Them

Cats are often considered pets who don’t really care about what’s happening around them and they choose to stay put in every situation. Well, that isn’t the case every time. These furry felines are equally obsessed with their owners as they are with their kitties, it’s just the kitties express a little less. They crave their owner’s attention and love, hereby often follow them around almost everywhere, even to the toilet. How adorable is that?

Among many other feline mysteries that are unsolved, there’s another addition to the list, their obsession with following their human to the washroom. Once you’re up to go to the washroom, they’ll instantly rush with you to give you all the moral support you need to do your business and if you try locking them out, they’ll scratch and scream like a maniac. Seems like these kitties are well aware of your bowel habits and hereby assure you of their utmost support so you don’t have to be alone while you poop. You might just have to deal with a few judgemental looks which will make you doubt your existence, as harmless as that.

Scroll down to see the most supportive kitties that followed their owners to the washroom to assure them that these adorable fluffs are always there for their dear Hoomans, no matter how stinky the whole situation is!

1. It’s my feline duty to watch you poop

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2. And he gives me those judgemental looks

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3. Seems like not only the kitties but doggos are also pretty protective

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4. The meowing guardians

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5. Let me in Hooman, let me fulfill my duty of seeing you poop

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6. Every single time

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The toilet isn’t a safe place to be in, hereby our kitties out of extreme concern make sure to escort us there so we stay safe from all the washroom monsters and dark demons. We’re in awe of our kitties being so responsible and concerned toward us that there isn’t a single moment of privacy.

Talking of privacy, we took a deep insight into what cat behaviorists have to say about this specific feline habit. The answer we found is pretty interesting, we all know cats are extremely curious creatures and they’ll take any and all risks to satisfy that curiosity. Once a person walks to the washroom and tends to close the door, this specific practice ignites the curiosity spark in the felines. They are highly bothered by human’s habit of keeping things private hereby they’ll do everything to invade that privacy and seek your attention.

Can these little hooligans get any more adorable? They sure can! Scroll down to see how.

7. Keeping me company while I complete my dirty business

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8. Hey Hooman, do you need my help?

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9. This is scarier than the washroom demons

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10. The only times they find you vulnerable to them, hereby it pleases them, clever little monsters

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11. No I don’t need any permission to come in

12. Comforting you when you need it the most

The cutest conclusion to this discussion is that without us our kitties feel vulnerable to attack and take the same for you hereby makes sure to protect you in every situation even while you’re up for a dirty job, you can’t blame these kitties for being so darn precious!

What’s your cat’s washroom story? Do let us in the comments section below!


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