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10+ Cat Posts That Prove They Are Damn Hilarious & We Don’t Deserve Them

Cats are some of the most popular pets worldwide and it’s not difficult to understand why. They’re relatively easier to have around, are not super high maintenance and are super cuddly and lovable! Every kitty has their own personality too; some of them are playful, agile and loving, while other prefer their own personal space and lazing around in a nice spot of sunshine. These felines have their fair share of quirks as well! Some of these might make everyone go ‘awwww’ while others are just straight-up… strange.


Since so many cats are complete weirdos, it makes sense that every single social media platform will have something to offer when it comes to cat or kitten posts, photos, and memes. Clearly, the internet cannot get enough! Everyone needs their daily dose of strange cat photos capturing these felines at their finest right? I mean who doesn’t love a good laugh? While cats can be adorable, we’re here today with some of the funniest cat moments that will make you realise that they aren’t all as docile and subdued as they might seem. These lively and spirited creatures are sure to make you laugh out loud so let’s start scrolling to see what all the fuss is really about!

1. Marlowe might be broken…

via butt_tickle

2. That’s one talented catto

via Olyin

3. A curled up ball of derpness

via VanillaLaceKisses

4. That excitement in her eyes tho

via OSArsi

5. Certified yogi in the making

via JuKeChrist16x2

6. Disguised among the cushions

via I_HateYouAndYourDog

7. First heartbreak hits different

via evielynn

8. He’s one with the leaves

via Dougy_F_resh

9. Took ‘Follow the light’ a little too far…

via camlights_

10. Here to see that kinked tail

via UnclassifiableHum

11. Your cat’s laughing too!

via Saint__Bartholemew

12. I think he likes it

via beganbegon

13. The feline version of a Karen

via Graapn

14. Waiting for the mailman like…

via reddit

15. When you can’t breathe without attention

via beezelbubs_mistress

Cats can be your best friends for sure but you can’t deny that they’re odd little balls of fur for sure. They need some way to dispel their energy and this can result in some weird behaviors. We love them despite all their strangeness, destructive behaviors, and attention-seeking tactics. They may have some strange ways of showing you their love and loyalty but cat owners soon grow to understand their pets pretty well.

Since they’re such majestic, royal, and beautiful creatures, any suspicious destructive tendencies that they exhibit will surely be forgiven by their cat owners and they continue to get away with most things! Scroll on to continue enjoying some more weird and quirky cats that we’re sure you’ll love as much as everyone else around the world!

16. Suspicious of your motives…

via cmhpf1

17. Gym class on the front porch

via BumbleBri0403

18. Who needs a weather app?

via __blue_and_gray__

19. You do you!

via soulcheese6

20. Not impressed

via MorphinesKiss

21. Viewing the world from a different angle today

via VehementlyApathetic

22. Just needs a cold beer to while away the woes

via pirate_crunchies

23. Not sure how she got here

via tyw7

24. When lunch is your favorite extreme sport

via Cronchy_Tacos

25. The most beautiful cheese pull

via Iris_Roberts

26. A cat model posing in the sun

via musicallyours01

27. Comfort is the only priority

via itllallbeogresoon

28. A chonky boi throwing a tantrum

via amyllwho

29. A cheerful little vampire

via Iris_Roberts

30. Milo’s right at home already!

via Alert-Bar8698

Now that we’ve reached the end of this beautiful journey, we’re sure you’re more in love with cats than ever before. These multi-faceted animals are fun to have around and will always have some new tricks up their sleeves to keep you and everyone else in your house entertained. If you don’t have a cat of your own, you can make do with all these cat snaps, photos, and pictures and get a better idea of these floofs and their behaviors. Let us know in the comments below which weirdo you loved the most and share your own cat stories if you have any!


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