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10+ Cat Photos That Proves Cats Love Sun More Than Anything

Who knew cats loved the sun so much?

Granted, I think everyone is like me and they hiss and hide into the corner the minute the curtain is pulled back. But I still had no idea that cats were this big a fan of sunlight. Perhaps they feel like they are on a perpetual holiday when they sunbathe or perhaps they like to stay warm.

We will never know because we can’t read their mind. However, what we do know is that cats love to laze around all day and might need the sun for photosynthesis or something similar.

Don’t believe us? Scroll below to take a look at the proof.

#1 The whole family is in on the fun.


#2 The garden pot is the perfect place to rest.


#3 These kitties are quite intelligent aren’t they?

Via kounaoe

#4 Praise the sun!

Via sorrycharlie

#5 These two just wanna snuggle in the warmth.

Via MNwildFan12

#6 Looks very comfortable.

Via Starbach

#7 Even the eyes cannot open.

#8 First time ever seeing the outside.

Via lanadelrage

#9 The blinds are getting in the way.

#10 Those claws do look a bit freaky.


#11 The underbelly needs some sun too.

This kitty might need some scratches on her tummy or maybe it’s just sunbathing. However, it is a weird way for a cat to lie down. Then again it’s a cat so what would you expect?

#12 Holidays are the best.


#13 ‘It’s getting in my eyes.’

#14 Cats sure do know the perfect place.


#15 This dance looks truly majestic.

Via ccchisa76

#16 Is she stuck or something?

Via dori_love__

#17 This one might be a vampire.

Via Virus610

#18 A nose boop is needed.


#19 We got a two for one.

#20 Even the kitty is mesmerized.


Perhaps this cat is hypnotized by all the colors or maybe it’s plotting tot ake over the world. You never know.

#21 I didn’t know unicorn cats existed.

Via madflak

#22 The sunlight has specifically chosen you.

Via harleyeaston

#23 The cat is growing alongside the plant.

Via aneige1990

#24 Difference between a cat and a dog.


#25 What is this magical energy?

Via SqueakyTheBarbarian

#26 Did the easter bunny came?

Via drewsoulman

#27 Cats might have a sixth sense about sunlight.

Via LeviticusKittylord

#28 The elusive rainbow cat!

Via kelaura

#29 Summer vacations are the best.

#30 How did it even get in there?

Via Toxic_Rain24

I don’t know about you but I can’t seem to get my eyes off the dirty windows sill. And the fact that how the cat even got there. Doesn’t she feel suffocated?

#31 We’ve got a chonkers.

Via fuckyogagetkitties

#32 The blue looks absolutely beautiful in this image.

Via philippe

#33 Is this a house of a cat lady?

#34 ‘Yes more sunrays!’

Via 0btain

#35 When you find your neighbors cat chilling.

Via HowAmINotMySelfie

#36 I might get hypnotized by those eyes.

Via swmay

#37 Little baby taking in the sun.

Via DangerWife

#38 It might be a sliver but it’s still Sunlight.

Via make_them_cry

#39 At least the mosquitoes won’t get in.

Via TrapMaestro

#40 Some of these kitties are in the best possible place.


All of these cats either don’t want to sunbathe. Or they just want their butts in the sun. Either way, I understand because I do the same thing when I’m forced to go out in the sun.

#41 Hello to you too.

Via Anna

#42 ‘You can stare at me while you wash the dishes.’

Via Muellerr

#43 Is that a forcefield I see?

Via Musix427

#44 Just look at those adorable eyes!

Via ikilleddumbly

#45 He wants tummy scratches.

Via Twins76sm

#46 ‘Just pull back the blinds would you?’

Via DonutTheCat

#47 Time for a nap.

Via eventuall

#48 Where is that sun even coming from?

Via wurstnameever

#49 The smile says it all.

Via Brianstormastus

#50 This is one majestic kitty.

Via Chissekatten

What do you think about these cats sunbathing? Comment down below and let us know.


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