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10+ Life Hacks From The Slyest People Online That’ll Make Your Life Easy

Our lives will never be easy enough.

The human mind is always trying to figure out ways to make life easier. We are never happy with what we have. Our grandparents lived without electricity, some of our parents lived without the Internet, I wonder how many things we are living without as well? Well, we should just work with what we have. The more comfortable we are, the better. I know we are lucky to have so many feasibilities, but human beings are never satisfied. Wouldn’t I love to turn the light off without getting up from my bed?


That’s why we have life hacks, to make our lives simpler! The Internet is filled with inventive minds, and we are grateful for all these people who decide to share their genius ideas with us. There are little things that bug us every day, and these life hacks help to remove these errors from our lives. We have compiled a few life hacks that will improve the quality of your lives. Scroll down below and enjoy them:

1. How to get a discount on your food.

 ilove_harry_st / Twitter

2. If you’re missing out on a game while you have a date, here is how you can watch without getting caught.


JonLiveseyDS / Twitter

3. If you’re having trouble waking up in the morning, try this.


komarexalex / Pikabu

4. You’ll never run out of milk this way.


JiveMonkey / Reddit

5. Do this if you’re sick of your threads getting tangled.


Lady Ray Crochet / Reddit

6. How to save money on cat litter.


Xalyava2020 / Pikabu

7. How to create the perfect picnic.


Basic01 / Pikabu

As generations pass by, we’re getting lazier and lazier. We don’t even want to hold our mobile phones while watching movies anymore, hence we have the creation of mobile phone holders. It may not be healthy for us either, but some of us would prefer comfort over anything else. That’s why we have life hacks to come to the rescue!

8. This is how you complete your puzzle when a piece is missing.


boyinawell / Reddit

9. Make your cookies sibling-proof. No one would want to eat them.


10. An inventive fan life hack for bunk beds.


Bavlaklanma / Pikabu

11. How to trick your dog into taking a pill

Mirsilan / Pikabu

12. Brighten up your mood at the start of the day!


MadHardHatter / Reddit

13. How to get your angry girlfriend to talk to you.

My girlfriend was mad at me and wouldn’t answer my calls or texts. She went away for the holidays and I didn’t know how I was going to talk to her and I was really sad. My mom saw me suffering and said, “Find a photo of you together where she doesn’t look great and use it as a profile picture. She’ll text you right away asking you to remove it. Maybe, she’ll hate you, but at least you’ll talk.” It worked out. We talked and made peace. My mom is a genius!

© Dantessa / Pikabu

14. Improve the quality of your M&Ms.


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